Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Interview With Kimberly Kane

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Danny: You've been a performer for what, eight years now?

Kimberly: Late 2003 I did my first scene, and then I actually started performing in '04. So more like seven years.

Danny: And you've directed how many movies?

Kimberly: Seven movies. Then I've also shot a whole website worth of content of boys masturbating.

I keep busy.

Danny: You also won an AVN award in 2010 for best actress? Have you won any other awards?

Kimberly: Yeah. I've won Best Oral Sex Scene, Best Group Sex Scene, Best All Girl Three-Way. I've won Best Director and Best New Director, but they weren't AVN Awards.

Danny: What were they for?

Kimberly: Night Moves.

I won three awards for Best Actress in 2010 in all the award shows in America.

Danny: Can you tell me a little bit about the type of movies you like to make?

Kimberly: I like to make porn movies that are not the norm, I guess. I like to use mixed media, like film.

You can see that I'm inspired by different things other than...

Danny: Are they primarily aesthetically different or...?

Kimberly: I think the look is different, but the sex remains the same as you would get in any other kind of movie.

Because I think a lot of the “arty,” or the “Alt,” directors focus more on the look instead of the sex. I like to focus on both those things. Because I think if you make a really arty porn with bad sex in it, no one cares how arty it is. It's just a bad porn. Because if you can't jerk off to the sex, it's just a shitty porn. I don't care if it's a Picasso, or an amazing piece of art, it still sucks because you can't jerk off to it. So I try to always keep the sex as good as the arty “in-betweens.”

Danny: Do you plan out the sex acts you want to take place?

Kimberly: Up to a point. I'll put together the situation. I'll put you in a room that looks all crazy, and say, “I want you to start over here.” Then the rest is up to the performers. Unless they ask me, “What next?”

But I usually hire what I like to call, “Stallions.” Tremendous sexual performers. You don't have to do anything. You just put them in a room together and they do their thing.

So up to a point, and then the Stallions take over.

Danny: Can you tell me about one of your favorite or most memorable directed scenes?

Kimberly: Okay. Yeah. What really stands out recently is in a movie called Beautiful Stranger that I did for Vivid this year. It was a scene with Bobbi Starr and Kristina Rose, and it really had tremendous sexual energy.

Of course, our scene... The scene we did together with Wolf [in My Own Master] was really great and got a lot of really good attention.

Danny: What in particular was great about the scene between Bobbi and Kristina Rose?

Kimberly: I don't think that they had done a girl/girl scene together. I know they had done a three-way with, like, Brandon Iron, or whatever. But they're such good performers. It's not that they try to out-fuck each other, but they can “go there” on the same level of sexuality.

So I had this little scenario where Kristina is dressed almost like a ballerina. It's really weird. She's blind folded and tied up, and Bobbi has this rope, and she's pulling the rope. Finally Kristina comes into the frame.

Bobbi puts the rope between her legs and pulls Kristina's face into her bush. It's like fantastic. I actually took that - not all the stuff - but I did this scene with Bobbi where I was blind-folded. And it was a bush movie for Belladonna. I didn't know when Bobbi's bush was gonna touch my face because I was blind-folded on this bathroom floor. And when I finally smelled it our touched it, I was like, “Uhh, uhh.”

Then the same thing happened for Kristina, and I was like, “Oh yes. I know how that feels.” It was fantastic. It was a fantastic scene. It was like poetry.

Danny: How do you go about casting your films?

Kimberly: I don't usually hire people that I don't know. I don't experiment with the new girl, and I don't give the new guy a chance. I prefer to shoot Stallions, sexual performers, people who I have seen on many occasions blow my mind.

So that's how I hire my performers. I'll put the same fucking girls in all my movies. I don't give a fuck. Because I know they will give me exactly what I want. There's a handful of women in this industry that I never get tired of seeing perform because they're always different.

Danny: You also cast yourself in many of your own films. How would you say these scenes differ from when you're cast in someone else's films?

Kimberly: Well, that depends on what the other company wants. With some companies, you have to limit what you do. They don't want you to go all out and be this explosive sexual craziness. They want romance. Or you can't spit, you can't choke, you can't spank, and all this other stuff.

So my performing is based on the company I'm working for, or the director. Because some of the things I like are just outright offensive to some pornographers. So it depends, I guess, on who I'm working for.

Danny: Is there anything on the box covers of the movies you've directed that lets people know they're getting a different kind of product?

Kimberly: Well, the title “Alt,” when Alt was around. I guess Alt's dead.

If you were hip to porn when Alt was around, you knew you were getting something different from the norm - an alternative. But now, I try to convey it by the art direction of the box, and the back of the box. Because if you are attracted to the art, and you pick up the movie, and you turn it over and there are amazing stills on the back... My favorite thing to put on the back are actually screen grabs, because it's way more intense [than still photographs], you know.

So hopefully the art attracts the right person. There's not a sticker that says, “This is different. Whoa. This is crazy. If you're real cool, this will appeal to you.” I think the art speaks for itself. If you are attracted to the box, and you turn it over, and there's really nasty sex on the back, then that's your porn.

Danny: You used to have a quote on your website that said, “If I had a cock, I'd be in jail.” Can you explain what this means?

Kimberly: I think it meant... [she laughs]. Oh youth...

I think it meant that I'm a rapist. I think it meant that because I'm a woman, I get away with a lot of things that I wouldn't get away with if I were a man. Like rough sex, or taking advantage of your girlfriend, or forcing myself upon you.

Danny: Do you think a rape fantasy enacted by a woman comes off as less threatening than by a man?

Kimberly: Well yeah, because you could just, like, slap a woman to stop her. A woman really couldn't rape you. I mean, if this was woman's prison, and she was bigger, maybe. But I don't see a woman being able to force herself upon you and take you down.

Danny: She could tie me up and shove something up my ass.

Kimberly: No. You'd just go... [makes a motion with her hand] backhand her, you know. “Ow.”

Danny: Do you, or have you had any rape fantasies, so to speak?

Kimberly: Well, I think rape fantasies are one of the biggest female fantasies. I heard that on some Oprah-style situation.

But rape fantasies are fantasy only. Because if you're being raped, you're being punched in the face, and there's trauma, and it's terrible. But the fantasy's great. “Oh sexy burglar.” But the reality is if I hear a creek in my living room, and I'm in my bedroom, I'm like terrified.

Danny: Have you ever been able to act something like that out with a partner?

Kimberly: No. I'm not really that creative in the sack outside of porn. I'm almost a-sexual. I do all my fantasized role-playing stuff in movies.

Danny: Has that ever occurred on set?

Kimberly: Yeah, I've been the rapist a lot. In a movie called Stuntgirl 2, I actually had a real gun. It wasn't loaded. But I stuck it in Katrina Kraven's mouth, and mouth-fucked her with a gun. And I've actually done it a few times in movies. In one of my other movies, Morphine, girls fuck each other with guns. It's an “Are you scared?” kind of thing.

I don't know. I always draw a blank when thinking about, or remembering, male scenes. “Oh, I fucked a guy.” It doesn't matter.

Danny: I think it's safe to say you've performed in scenes that would be considered rough, or even violent. What are some of the acts that would be characterized as rough or violent sex?

Kimberly: Okay, like a blowbang in the middle of a dirt field, with bees attacking me. Mouth-fucking a girl with a gun in the face in a junk yard. The list goes on and on.

Danny: Have you ever felt like you were degrading another performer?

Kimberly: Absolutely. I love degrading women. But only if she doesn't get all fuckin' bitchy about it.

For instance, I've done these scenes called “violations.” And it's basically an all-girl gang rape on one girl. And when I say gang rape, I mean it. It's terrible. Terrible. It's rough, and it's horrible, and she always breaks down, and she always cries. And you're just like, “Oh god, come on already.” And I mean, yeah, whatever.

Danny: Have you ever been “violated” before?

Kimberly: No. They've wanted me to be violated before. I'm not tough enough. I can dish it out but I can't take it.

Danny: You think you need to be a certain type of person to do that, or to agree to that?

Kimberly: They're usually very strong performers.

They don't ask someone unless they think they can handle it. Because it's tough. It's a very hard scene to do. And it's usually like, performers who have done close to that, who have done gang bangs, or who have done something mentally and physically that challenging.

Because that's what it is. It's a total mental fuck, and body torture and shit. Only the strongest survive.

Danny: Have you ever been in a scene where you felt you were being degraded or taken advantage of?

Kimberly: Yeah, I guess. There's a difference between knowing that's what you're being hired for though.

For instance, Zero Tolerance does a line called Who's Your Daddy?. And the whole time you have to say, “Yeah, daddy this, daddy that.” And I don't like daddy play, or brother/sister play, or under-18 play. I'm not into that kind of role-playing. So that, to me, was degrading even as a twenty-year-old girl. Because I'm so not into it.

I guess it's all a level of what you're into.

Danny: So, in a scene like that, did you know what was gonna happen?

Kimberly: Yeah. They're like, “Okay. You know, you have to say daddy a lot. Because it's called Who's Your Daddy?, and that's the fantasy, and blah, blah, blah.” And it's like, “Ugh, God. Alright.”

Danny: But you agreed to this?

Kimberly: Yeah, Yeah. Oh are you talking about like, “I showed up to set and there was, like, twelve black guys and I said I'd only fuck two, and like...?” No.

Danny: Was there ever a point in time where you felt like you were taken advantage of on set?

Kimberly: I've had people attempt to. I had a situation where I met Khan Tusion, the guy from Meat Holes [a controversial line of porn films]. I was twenty. And he tried to strangle me. This was not even on camera. This was like him strangling me in a bathroom somewhere. And it was terrible. And I thought, “Oh my god, I'm gonna be murdered, this sucks. Everyone was right. Porn's so evil.” But he's like the most evil person to ever come into porn. He is like that nightmare that every mother and father who's child is in porn is like, “That's who they're working with every day. It's Khan Tusion.”

So that was terrible. That was degrading, and awful, and scary, and terrible. I didn't even work with him. I just met him. It was awful. But some people have worked with him and I'm sure they could tell you horrible stories.

Danny: Have you ever experienced a rough scenario in which you took on a sexually submissive role and felt safe?

Kimberly: Oh yeah. All the stuff, when I used to sub. Sex and Submission. It was all very calculated and timed. It was a very comfortable atmosphere to be performing in a submissive situation.

Danny: Have you ever experienced a rough scenario in which you took on a sexually submissive role and felt empowered?

Kimberly: Yeah. Well, I used to sub. A lot of it has to do with getting what you want out of it too.

I remember I did this scene with Mark Davis. A couple days before, my fiance at the time- me and him had gotten into some fight. We were kind of in a “lifestyle” relationship. Like, I wore the little lock on my necklace. It was light though. It wasn't like, “Oh, he's wearing leather pants now, and I'm in a collar.” It was lighter than that. But I had pissed him off or made him mad. So when I went up to do this scene, I was so ready to be punished. And it felt so good. I was kind of in control of it, in a way. Because I wanted this and I wanted that. And it was just this wonderful experience because I felt that I was a “bad girl.”

Danny: What is your opinion on drugs and alcohol on set? Do you think someone who has had a few drinks or is under the influence of Marijuana can perform with informed consent?

Kimberly: You know, no one likes the druggy on set. It's kind of like the side show. “Oh, so-and-so is the crack head or so-and-so is on pills.”

But I also have really good friends who have a glass of wine before their scene because they need to loosen up because they're nervous. But they enjoy the scene, they enjoy what they're doing. But I guess with their nerves, they get scared, or whatever. They'll take the edge off with a glass of wine.

I don't see a problem with that. But that's an occasional performer. That's not someone who's working every day. If you're working every day, and you're drinking every day, or you're doing drugs every day, that's a different story. That's unhealthy, and that's not good. That's not good for everyone else, because then you're unpredictable.

But I wouldn't condone it. Even though I've also had a few beers on set and had a jolly good time. But I'm a damn professional.

Danny: But with harder drugs, do you think that's acceptable?

Kimberly: No, I don't think that's acceptable.

Danny: Have you ever seen a performer sent home from drug and alcohol abuse on set?

Kimberly: I won't name names, but a mutual person that we know, back in the day...

Part of the scene was that she was gonna fuck these “homies.” It was a Jim Lane set, so it's gonna get crazy. So they poured forties into her asshole. And she got wasted. Because if anything goes in your asshole, it's in your system. So she got so drunk, and the story goes they sat her on a sink to drain out the forties. But she was just crying and swaying in the sink.

I don't condone dumping forties in a whore's asshole.

Danny: So how common do you think drug and alcohol abuse is in the industry?

Kimberly: I think as common as someone's job at Kinko's. Even though people think porn equals rockstar... Musicians are way drunker than people who have to fuck all the time. Because rock stars probably have whiskey dick all the time and it doesn't matter. It matters in our business. I think all the stereotypes of people getting wasted is just a stereotype.

Danny: Do you ever enjoy being called a cunt, whore, slut, bitch, or any other derogatory name during sex?

Kimberly: I don't like bitch. I've never liked bitch, because I think it's a really bitchy term. The only people I've ever known that use bitch are like really ignorant mall girls, like, “Oh bitch, please!” So when I hear bitch, I think of ignorance, and it turns me off.

I don't like the word cunt, and I don't think any woman alive likes the word cunt. Who knows? I don't know, maybe Sandra Bernhard likes the word cunt. I don't. I like slut. I like dirty whore. I think those are more playful terms.

Danny: Do you ever like to call yourself any of these things during sex?

Kimberly: Sure. Yeah. I'll talk.

Danny: Has anyone ever asked you on set to call yourself any of these names?

Kimberly: Yeah. The scene is set up by the director, and if they want to see something...

But you are totally free to say, “No one calls me bitch, no one calls me cunt. Don't do that or it's gonna end. I'm not gonna take it.” You can set the tone of a scene and still give the director what they want.

Danny: Is there anything other than bitch or cunt you don't want to be called?

Kimberly: I think that's it.

Danny: I did some minor research. You've been cast in such titles as Cum Craving Whores, Cock Pigs, Bitch Blow Me, Bitches, and Young Sluts Inc. #16. Do you feel like they have any negative connotations towards women?

Kimberly: Um, Yeah. They're terrible. They're horrible names, and unimaginative. That's just no creativity what-so-ever.

Cock Pigs is Belladonna's movie. You're just rooting around in cock. I get that. Young Sluts Inc. is a movie about an agency. Young Sluts Inc was an agency and it had a whole thing to it. The Cum Craving, blah blah blah... I think those are all comp[ilation]s.

A comp is like a DVD that has four hours of footage. It's all the worst scenes no one wanted to put in their movies, so they're like, “Oh, we'll make a comp out of that.” Or “We'll just throw all these crappy scenes on to a DVD.” It's a compilation of all these stupid scenes, and they put some dumb title on it and sell five hundred copies, and buy a plate of blow. I don't know.

Danny: How do you feel about being promoted as such?

Kimberly: It's just marketing mind play. It's like, “Wow, she eats cum.” Whatever. Men, when they're horny...

You're trying to appeal to something that's so primitive. So I understand Cock Craving Whores. Because men, at that moment, are like, “She's craving my cock, I'll take it.” It's very primitive. And very... It's stupid. I don't care. It's fine.

Danny: Are you aware of the titles while you're filming these movies?

Kimberly: Not all the time. No.

Danny: What are your feelings about condom use on straight sets?

Kimberly: I'll tell you, I did a condom scene a few weeks ago. And I didn't even know it was gonna be condom. It was one of the romance movies. And they were like, “Oh, this scene's condom.” And I'm like, “Oh great, no gonorrhea. All right!”

You don't get diseases when you use condoms, so you know you're safe. I mean, I understand the whole politics of porn. “If we all use condoms, no one will buy our product.” I get it. But I also get that condoms equal no STDs. Because I was condom-only for two years. And for two years, I didn't get STDs.

Danny: Question then - When you were condom-only for two years, how often were you able to work?

Kimberly: I was at the peak of new-girl working. Vivid was condom at the time, and Wicked was condom at the time. And I did a shit ton of girl/girl. I remember one month I had twenty days booked with just condom and girl/girl. I was like, “All right!”

It was great. And then after that, Vivid went non-condom, and me and a director at Wicked got in a fight, and I haven't worked for them since. Whatever. So it would be impossible to make a living as a condom-only performer right now, especially for me.

Danny: Are there negative factors associated with using condoms on set?

Kimberly: Not a lot of people give you the option. It's not really an option because the product isn't a condom product. That's the gig. That's what you signed up for. If you want to be a condom performer, that's all fine and dandy, but you're not going to work that much.

This is my full-time job. If I was married, or had someone taking care of me, that would be fine. “Yeah, condom's, Oh great!” But that's not a reality for me right now. Or for anybody really.

Danny: Are there any sexual acts you believe should not be performed on camera?

Kimberly: Double-anal cream pie. That's retarded and horribly dangerous.

Anything that can really hurt somebody. But then there's different levels of pain tolerance too.

Double anal cream pie is totally, completely dangerous, and careless.

Danny: What about an anal cream pie with one cock?

Kimberly: Yeah. I think cream pie is insane. I think cream pie is ridiculous. I've done a few, and I think two of them were fake. Like, they faked it, you know.

But, “I want to get pregnant.” You know what I mean? It's insane.

Back in the day, when cream pie was really huge - like 2003, 2004, 2005, when it was like gonzo crazy, cum crazy, double anal everything - it was all about harder sex. I knew a girl who got pregnant like three times. But she's an idiot. You'd think after one abortion, you'd just put it on your no-list. So she's an idiot.

But I just think that cream pie is “ridonkulous.”

Danny: There are some companies that interview models before or after sex. Do you think this effects the scene in any way?

Kimberly: No. Not at all.

Danny: Do you think it's important for consumers?

Kimberly: I think consumers like to see BTS [behind the scenes footage]. I think they like to hear the performers talk.

I remember, before I was in porn, I had this movie called Brianna Banks Bankable. And it had BTS on it. I remember thinking that was so cool to see the inner workings of a porn set, to hear the interviews, to see the director, and see the camera person. I thought it made everything feel more real, and more relatable. I think it's cool for the consumer to get as much information about the person, or the scene.

Danny: Do you think the consumer should assume the performer is providing full consent despite things like interviews?

Kimberly: Yeah. You can't release the video without someone signing a model release, and a W-9, and whatever. You got paid for it, you did a job, you signed the paperwork, you were there all day working. It was very consensual.

But here's the thing with Before I worked for them, the scenes looked terrifying. And they were very scary. And people were screaming and they were terrified. So I think the fact that does interviews is very smart. Because to someone who didn't know anything about real bondage, or who these people were, or whatever - and they're drowning people, and they're kicking people - it looked fucking terrifying.

So I think the interview, like, “Yeah, I like getting kicked in the face,” it's good. Because it's like, “Oh they liked it. Good. Because that was scary.”

Yeah, I think it's good.

Danny: Can you think of anything other than an interview stating explicit consent that would make you feel comfortable watching a staged rape scenario between two people you've never met?

Kimberly: There was actually a rape movie called Forced Entry. It was put out by Extreme Associates. And it had Jewel DeNyle and Michael Stefano in it. And it was a staged raped scene. I think this is where an interview would have been smart, because it frightened a lot of people and it became indicted [for obscenity].

It was rape, it was forced entry, someone breaking in, and she's in her house, and she's asleep, and someone breaks in and rapes her, and it's very violent. That was a husband and wife. Michael Stefano played the rapist, but he was married to Jewel DeNyle in real life.

And that's where I feel like an interview could have eased the mind of someone watching that movie. Because it was indicted and it scared people. Because it was very well done, or whatever. But after the fact they were like, “But we're husband and wife. Why are you freaking out?” And they were like, “We don't know that, and we don't care. It was terrifying.”

Danny: Do you think a company that produces rough or violent content should be held to higher standards in terms of providing interviews or consent?

Kimberly: I think if you're shooting something that's questionable, you should maybe answer some questions to put people's minds at ease. I don't know.

I enjoy BTS [behind the scenes footage]. And everyone puts BTS in their movies now-a-days. So, in a way, if you're looking for some sign that she's okay, watch the BTS. She's alive. She's out back, having a smoke.


  1. Love this interview just as I knew I would! KK is great. I love her honesty. She's right that simply packaging things in a certain way can immediately give off an "alt" aura, and her designs are probably the best I've ever seen. Also, I have had the displeasure of witnessing one of those "violation of" movies, and it scarred me for life.

  2. I find it interesting that everyone's responses to the "what shouldn't be shown on camera" are similar all across the board so far. I'm interested to see exactly why Kimberly likes the act of degrading women though, if it's more of a turn-on or a power and control thing, or connecting with that person by "breaking" them, or what. Like, she's done those "violations" but never really says whether she enjoyed them or not. Which, again, makes me curious. Great interview overall, though. It's cool to see that all of the women interviews you've posted so far showcase very different POVs within the same industry.

    Also, what's with this Khan Tusion guy? Is he still making movies, or will no one work with him anymore, cuz he seems like a huge prick and shouldn't be working in porn. Ugh.

  3. Yeah, I don't know why KK likes degrading women. I'm going to guess it's a turn-on. But she seems to like doing the violations.

    Khan Tusion is a notoriously misogynistic director who is no longer working in the business. You can Google him to find some of the shenanigans he got himself into.

  4. Awesome! As long as he's not working anymore.

  5. Yeah, I've never met him, but from what I've heard, he was not the coolest guy to be around... or work for, obviously.

  6. Heh, indeed. It makes you wonder how and why he got into the business in the first place. So he could do it and get paid for it, maybe? Ugh.

    Also, I'm wondering if you're going to interview yourself or have someone else ask you these questions, too. I'm curious to see your responses to these. :P

  7. Interesting...

    I hadn't thought about answering the questions myself. I've already had requests to interview porn stars who didn't make the cut-off date. And I may end up doing it, because I think the interviews take on a life of their own outside the initial "project."

    But now that you bring it up, I think I'll make that the finale to this "interview" series: my own answers.

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  9. Sweet! :D I had a good idea! *self congratulatory pat on my back* :P That'll be cool to read.

  10. Yes, I will give you that credit!!! :)

  11. Hello Chris/Danny

    I had a proposal regarding your blog posts. I was unable to locate a valid email address, so I'm leaving a completely unrelated comment here. Sorry about that.

    I think you have some really insightful posts regarding human sexuality and pornography. I would like to ask you a few questions about contributing to a site, not mine, but one that is one of the best, and that I believe would be receptive to what you have to say. Please email me when you are able.


  12. Great job DW, and KK... such an entertaining and enlightening read!

  13. "Absolutely. I love degrading women. But only if she doesn't get all fuckin' bitchy about it." I think this is such an interesting concept. I agree with Amanda in that it might be a power or a turn on thing but I wonder how much of it is internalized misogyny. I'm not sure how to explian this - like, it's empowering to degrade a woman until she 'breaks'? Could this, to a predominately heterosexual male audience, could just be another way for a man to dominate a woman without even lifting a finger? It's a dangerous and slippery slope.
    I will say that I myself am turned on by domination and submission. I enjoy being the 'bottom' and I enjoy being degraded but I am never made to feel like a 'little bitch' about it (Unless I've wanted to be treated that way). I've never put myself into a place where I feel unsafe about it. Am I talking in circles?
    Great interview - very very thought provoking.

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