Sunday, January 20, 2013

Instagram Photo Dump Jan. 20th

All these photos have appeared on my Instagram account (dannywylde). They've probably also been posted on Twitter and Facebook. 

1. I've dressed up quite a bit on porno sets lately. This is from The Newlyweds Game XXX or something like that. 

2. Joanna Angel is the best at making me into some weird character. In this one, I'm supposed to be Joe Biden. The pre-election gangbang exists somewhere on

3. This is Lily LaBeau wearing my Watain shirt. I don't think she likes Watain, but it's nice to pretend. And whatever... all girls look cute wearing black metal shirts. Or just shirts and no pants. 

4. This is Chad Alva setting up for a Chiildrenpractice in my living room.  

5. My friend, Ben Hoffman, used to do a lot of street photography in downtown LA. He made this print for my birthday last year. I finally got it framed. So Chad Alva is no longer the only thing in my living room.

7. Back on Joanna Angel's set. This is from the upcoming Walking Dead porno. 

8. This is a picture of a zombie I met on set (who is also a rad artist named Luka Fisher) and the beautiful Kleio Valentien

9. Sometimes I get too caught up and forget the important things in life, like videogames...

10. ...and playing such videogames. 

11. But reading is also important. This one was recommended by my favorite author, Dennis Cooper. I couldn't even find it on Amazon, which I feel makes it more important. SLOW SLIDINGS

12. A passage from a book that is instagrammable. And good to think about. 

13. This is me around Xmas time. My girlfriend received a package of merch from HUF. This was tucked inside. "A hat," I thought. But it was really a stocking. 

14. On the topic of Xmas, I finally decorated this year. 

15. A show I attended (maybe in December). Brainoil played their first LA show. It was moved from the upstairs portion of the venue (Veteran's Hall) to the basement. Because cops like to do such things. 

16. Another show I attended in December. Gas Lamp Killer. He did not have to play in the basement. 

17. Back on set. I'm tied to a chair with a bunny hood on. This is for Kevin Moore. These girls used to work for me in an office. I was a Xtian and yelled at them because of their prostitute costumes. So they kidnapped me and took a bunch of drugs. This is the directions things went. 

18. I train to withstand the pressures of being tied to a chair and put in a bunny hood. 

19. Then I go to set and they don't tie me in a chair. I just get to fuck another face-painted girl. And take pictures of Aiden while he takes pictures of pee. 

20. Lily shaved her head (bandages unrelated). And then...

21. We went on a vacation.

22. We stayed in a yurt.

23. This is the inside of our yurt.

24. On the side of the road, mid-vacation.

25. Back at home, late at night. Probably working on something and taking a little nap on the stripper pole. Probably sleep-stripper-pole-dancing shortly thereafter.

26. At Chad Alva's birthday dinner. It was moved from The Cheescake Factory to some Mexican restaurant to sushi. I don't think he really likes sushi. But Chad is social and has a lot of friends. It was the only place that could fit us all on such short notice. I had to race back to my apartment and grab the coconut aminos because I am allergic to soy.

27. After Chad's birthday dinner, I found this parked next to my car.

28. A local clothing company called Junker Designs made this. It is my favorite.

29. The AVN Awards just happened. I didn't go. Because I don't usually get nominated for much (Unsung Male Performer nomination this year) and I don't much like Las Vegas. I also hate being around large numbers of drunk people. But last year, I went to the awards. This is my memento. The only time I ever got to be a Spiegler Girl.

30. Finally, a picture of my mouth. Because I like mouths and practice the golden rule. 


  1. YURTS!

    Thanks for posting these. I don't always catch all of them when you first put 'em up.

  2. Picture 1 with that wig..........NO!!!!

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