Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nothing To Do With Anything

I've finally finished transcribing the interviews I've done for this new essay. But like exercising, writing is something that becomes infinitely harder once you're out of practice. So I'm sitting here with the intention of starting my essay. But I've come across my friend, Chad Alva, on Twitter. And he's posted his top albums of the year, most of which I've never heard. And now I'm fucking off and posting my top 10, because of course I think they're better, because of course I like the music I like. And this has nothing to do with the adult industry, or writing, or anything else other than sharing my musical taste. But if you like any of it, and you think you have a suggestion for me, please leave a little comment like:

"Download this album because it elicits a taste in music far superior to yours"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Terrible Day for Adult (Plus Follow Up)

Before I explain why I have not updated with a story, or essay, anything recently, I want to address a very immediate and pressing issue: