Sunday, November 1, 2015

Photo Shoot + MLNP.TV Jerking Off

My last video EVER for MakeLoveNotPorn.TV is now live. Watch the intro above.

MLNPstar Danny Wylde bids farewell to sharing sex online. 

I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. My good friend, Owen Gray, took me to the forest for an impromptu photo shoot. More pics beyond the break. #NSFW

Thursday, October 29, 2015

On The Moral Imperative To Commodify Our Sexual Suffering

"Danny Wylde" - A film by Matthew Kaundart from Matthew Kaundart on Vimeo.

The essay: On The Moral Imperative To Commodify Our Sexual Suffering

The art:

The acquisition:

Art print by Luka Fisher

Each print is made with a combination of silk screen ink and (trace amounts of Zeischegg's) blood. There are four prints hand-embellished with blood drawn from a scalpel, as seen in the short film, 'Danny Wylde.'

Standard Print -- $30 (includes domestic shipping; $15 shipping for international orders)
Hand-Embellished Print -- $150 (includes domestic shipping; $15 for international orders)

Also available --

The poster printed and staple-gunned on to Zeischegg/Wylde's chest in the short film, 'Danny Wylde.' Blood on back of print -- $300 (includes domestic shipping; $15 for international orders)

Artist's Proof (contains Luka Fisher's hand-drawn blood) -- $150 (includes domestic shipping; $15 for international orders)

Contact Luka Fisher at for all sales.

Special thanks to Nickie Jean for her ritual and documentation. Her photo of Zeischegg is featured at the center of Luka's collage print.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Wolves That Live In Skin And Space

Advance copies are in. Street date is June 16th. Pre-orders are up on Amazon and all the better online retailers.

If you don't like to read, the paper also feels nice.

If you like to burn books, it's a book.

If you like to burn iPads or Kindles, you may purchase it on your iPad or Kindle and then burn it.

Or you might look at the words.

THE WOLVES THAT LIVE IN SKIN AND SPACE by Christopher Zeischegg aka Danny Wylde

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This is Love (Host and Share?)

I made this short film several years ago with some weird plan to continue on with transgressive, indie porn flicks. That idea has long since died.

Some people paid for the film. It was really cool. I still appreciate it. If you want to make a donation, or something, you can email me at dannywyldexxx (at) gmail (dot) com.

But I don't know what to do with this anymore. So I thought I'd just share it. The short is called 'This is Love.' It breaks a bunch of boundaries that are typically associated with obscenity laws and arbitrary credit card processing rules, so I've never been able to find a place for it in the XXX world.

I'll leave this dropbox link up for a few days. Maybe someone out there can host the video? Or stream it somewhere for free? That would be cool. Please let me know if you end up doing this... Whoever you are.

In the meantime, enjoy. Share it if you will. Oh... and probably don't watch this at work.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sex and Composition: a personal history of music in porn

Some time last year, I was asked to submit an essay to the Porn Studies journal on the topic of music. The piece is now live and can be viewed here. Only the first fifty people to click on the link will be able to view the article -- in its entirety -- for free. The link will continue to work after the free-access allowance has been used up by directing people to the article's abstract page.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


This blog is a graveyard, yeah?

Not many updates. The ones that come prove more and more estranged from the original intent.

But read on and let me sell you something that doesn't yet exist: The Wolves that Live in Skin and Space. It's a book I've written that should come out sometime soon. April 2015, I'm told.

Something else...

I still have sex, though the proof is less excessive than it used to be. Here is some proof that you might enjoy if you are the type to enjoy such things: Make Love Not Porn. 


There's a project I'm (slowly) working on that I hope to become a future book. The greater whole has little to do with the following chapter. But no matter my effort to distance myself, the past seems to find its way back into most things. Here is a small piece of the past as something new.