Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nothing To Do With Anything

I've finally finished transcribing the interviews I've done for this new essay. But like exercising, writing is something that becomes infinitely harder once you're out of practice. So I'm sitting here with the intention of starting my essay. But I've come across my friend, Chad Alva, on Twitter. And he's posted his top albums of the year, most of which I've never heard. And now I'm fucking off and posting my top 10, because of course I think they're better, because of course I like the music I like. And this has nothing to do with the adult industry, or writing, or anything else other than sharing my musical taste. But if you like any of it, and you think you have a suggestion for me, please leave a little comment like:

"Download this album because it elicits a taste in music far superior to yours"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Terrible Day for Adult (Plus Follow Up)

Before I explain why I have not updated with a story, or essay, anything recently, I want to address a very immediate and pressing issue:

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Because of the holidays, because of the interviews I've done (and still need to do), because of work, and because of... really, this list could go on. The point is that I don't have a new story, or essay, to update with. So I'm posting videos.

First off, an adorable girl, who goes by @michelle_teacup on Twitter, posted this vlog (dedicated to yours truly). So I'm going to share it with you here. It's a nice little sex-positive rant. :)

Next up is a video of me reading my story, "The End of Submission," at The League of Nations Lecture Series. Johnny White, aka @johnny_cubert, was kind enough to tape and upload this to Vimeo. Not sure if the rest of it will go up. But for right now, enjoy staring at me read.

The League of Nations Lecture Series - Christopher Zeischegg from johnny cubert white on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Most Serious Blog Ever

A couple days ago, Wolf Hudson rode shotgun in my truck. Since my radio/cd player got jacked nearly two years ago, and I still haven't replaced it, I decided to demonstrate some of my vocal talents. Wolf posted this to Twitter:

"You DO NOT want to hear @dannywylde sing. Holy shit that's funny! LOL YIKES! It's like puberty all over again."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ethics Part I

I strongly advocate comments and suggestions for this piece. But when you get to the end, you may understand why I will probably not be keeping my weekly schedule with the next entry. I'm guessing it's going to take me a little while longer to compile the necessary information.

But please read...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not A Story, But A Good One

So today was midterm election day here in the United States. Hope everyone got out and voted. :)

In other news, Good Vibrations, the friendliest, coolest, most amazing sex toy/dvd/whatever store on the web, has added me as one of their favorite performers. So I got to compile my own "top 40" list on their site. Please check it out. If you have any questions as to what movies I'm actually in, leave me a comment :).


Or just browse the site...

And if you hadn't already heard. I am now doing live cam shows on occasion. You can check me out here:


I'm not scheduling shows for right now, but there's an option on the site to get notified when I hop online. So stay tuned and we might get to have some fun together ;).

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Age Appropriate

This post deals with a topic I've been thinking about for some time. But a recent conversation with Cindy Gallop, the founder of Make Love Not Porn , spurred it into writing.

I assure you the website is not anti-porn. But please have a look for yourself to see what it's all about. In the meantime, enjoy the following entry.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Fortress Is Burning

A friend of mine recently told me about a Forbes article, titled, "How Big Is Porn?"

It's probably smaller now than it was then, and by the time you read this, well... you get the idea. There are people working on saving it. There are niche markets. There are things to look forward to. But also: Maybe not.

Do you care? Probably not. It interests you, though. At least admit that.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Naporneon Dynamite

We filmed this something like 2 years ago. My friends at Pink Lotus were going to put it out, then... I don't know. Something happened with their financing? I'm not entirely sure. I thought the project had been scrapped. But good news comes from Twitter.

Check out the Hollywood Skin Company for more info.


Sorry for the soapbox vegetarian post. I'm only a week and a half into my new diet and I'm preaching. hah. But it's a good cause, so yeah...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eating Animals

There's a book I'd like to share with you. More-so, the information within it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Shouldn't Make Promises

Perhaps it was never a promise, but updating a story once a week seemed like a realistic goal only last month.

Now, it's stressing me out. And really, why should it? There's no one relying on me to put out these stories. It's just a personal goal. Maybe I want to have enough of them to comprise a book by the end of the year. That might be something. But really, it's just the practice of writing. Keeping it up. Documenting this part of my life before I'm forced away by the fall of the adult industry, or by a lucky break in my attempts to capitalize off something else.

To be honest, I HAVE been writing a story this past week. But it's that story I said I couldn't share for the time-being. Still, I wanted to get it out of me before the details left my mind. So it's locked up in my hard-drive until that rainy day I... don't know.

But here's something new. Tomorrow, I leave Los Angeles for several days to visit my father in his new home. He recently escaped California to live in "the middle of nowhere," Idaho.

I'm told it looks like this:

Which is slightly less creepy than this:

So we'll see what happens. At least I'll have a chance to get out of this fuckin' city.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My plan was to update at least once a week.

But this week, it's not going to happen. I'm shooting a self-financed project on Friday and Sunday, and the prep work is killing all free time I would normally have to write.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

It Can Even Snow In Los Angeles

Music. Not Words.

I wrote a story a couple weeks ago called "Difference."

While I was sort of bashing people from my hometown for being a number of things, I also want to say I still have much love for those people and that place.

The scene there is what helped raise me, and it's always great to hear something new come out of it.

So I'm just going to share some tracks from my friends' relatively new band, Aequorea.


Friday, August 20, 2010


So this week I wrote a story. But I don't think I'm going to post it.

There's some info about people I still hang out with. Those people probably wouldn't appreciate me airing their shit on the web. Besides, it's not that amazing of a story. Just kind of funny to me. Sort of a butterfly effect of how something I said went on to do more damage than I intended (which was "no damage").

Anyways, I'm working on something new.

In the meantime, here's an essay written five years ago for a Latin American Gender Studies class at UC Santa Cruz:

Thanks to Ed O'Neill for turning me on to Bruce LaBruce.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

my god

"Norwegian black metal is completely unbalanced – that is why it is so compelling and powerful. It is the sound of utter torment, believing to one’s core that that winter will never end, that spring will never come. It is really music that can only be made by bitter and rage-filled teenagers. It is powerful and important to have these kinds of feelings of deep misanthropy and misery while one comes of age, because our age is sick. I don’t think, for instance, that a 35-year old man could make a record as great and pure as Filosofem. BM is about destruction, destroying your belief system – it is a cleansing fire that opens up new possibilities for thought and feeling. In many ways, it is a first step, not the alpha and omega."

I pulled this off a livejournal post I made about a year ago.

The quote is from the guitarist/vocalist of Olympia, Washington-based black metal band, Wolves in the Throne Room. But I don't remember where I originally found it.

It's just that I attended a friend's show last night. His band is called blackleg.

They're pretty fun to watch, and have a brutal heavy sound given the fact that there are only three people in the band, none of which play bass. I was just a little bummed because:

1. They only played two songs. My friend, Ssippi, broke strings on both his guitars.

2. Other than blackleg, it wasn't a metal show.

Not that I need to listen to that shit all the time, but I was in the mood to reinvigorate myself with some of that energy. Because I'm afraid I'm just becoming that old.

Maybe it was a lack of the appropriate audience. Not enough people who get it, or used to get it. There were some people from the side of Alt-porn i never fell in with. Some people from porn. And some people from the warehouse crowd.

I feel like I don't have access to this anymore:

Thursday, August 12, 2010


It has nothing to do with porn.

This started out as a writing exercise based on a short trip I took early this summer to visit my hometown. Everyone mentioned is based off a real person. And most of the dialog comes from actual events. But I need to make it clear that this story has become fiction. I've manipulated time and conversation like a collage, so that people may come across worse, or at least different, than they actually are.

To my friends: I love you. But we're all a little bit crazy, lost, fucked up, and full of shit. And different. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shout Out

This entry has not so much to do with me or my writing. But because I write a lot about experiences in the adult industry, I think it's fair to point out that others do too.

Some of them have done it before me. Some of them continue to do it. And perhaps some do it better.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The End of Submission

I don't think I'm going to even try to submit this to lit journals. It's too much like a scrapbook entry. Too much of me bitching. But I hope it's an entertaining bitch.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Festival Screened Work

Sometimes I make movies. These have been screened at festivals

Nuclear (director)

The Extraordinary Monday of Herman Brumby (producer)

StraightXedge Girl

I tried to write a poem a while back and it didn't turn out so great.

A Hole in the Ground

This is a fictional story that hasn't been able to find a home elsewhere, so I'm going to post it here. I'm trying to adapt a much longer, more complicated version of this into a little screenplay. It will probably never become a movie.

But for now it will serve as another reminder of my fear: domestication.

Second Entry, Second Story

The second story I've had published is a work of fiction.

"To Lose My Life: In Eight Movements"

A suicidal, post-modern teen is abducted by bank robbers.

Also, I was listening to a lot of White Lies at the time. Hence, the title.