Saturday, August 14, 2010

my god

"Norwegian black metal is completely unbalanced – that is why it is so compelling and powerful. It is the sound of utter torment, believing to one’s core that that winter will never end, that spring will never come. It is really music that can only be made by bitter and rage-filled teenagers. It is powerful and important to have these kinds of feelings of deep misanthropy and misery while one comes of age, because our age is sick. I don’t think, for instance, that a 35-year old man could make a record as great and pure as Filosofem. BM is about destruction, destroying your belief system – it is a cleansing fire that opens up new possibilities for thought and feeling. In many ways, it is a first step, not the alpha and omega."

I pulled this off a livejournal post I made about a year ago.

The quote is from the guitarist/vocalist of Olympia, Washington-based black metal band, Wolves in the Throne Room. But I don't remember where I originally found it.

It's just that I attended a friend's show last night. His band is called blackleg.

They're pretty fun to watch, and have a brutal heavy sound given the fact that there are only three people in the band, none of which play bass. I was just a little bummed because:

1. They only played two songs. My friend, Ssippi, broke strings on both his guitars.

2. Other than blackleg, it wasn't a metal show.

Not that I need to listen to that shit all the time, but I was in the mood to reinvigorate myself with some of that energy. Because I'm afraid I'm just becoming that old.

Maybe it was a lack of the appropriate audience. Not enough people who get it, or used to get it. There were some people from the side of Alt-porn i never fell in with. Some people from porn. And some people from the warehouse crowd.

I feel like I don't have access to this anymore:

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