Sunday, November 28, 2010


Because of the holidays, because of the interviews I've done (and still need to do), because of work, and because of... really, this list could go on. The point is that I don't have a new story, or essay, to update with. So I'm posting videos.

First off, an adorable girl, who goes by @michelle_teacup on Twitter, posted this vlog (dedicated to yours truly). So I'm going to share it with you here. It's a nice little sex-positive rant. :)

Next up is a video of me reading my story, "The End of Submission," at The League of Nations Lecture Series. Johnny White, aka @johnny_cubert, was kind enough to tape and upload this to Vimeo. Not sure if the rest of it will go up. But for right now, enjoy staring at me read.

The League of Nations Lecture Series - Christopher Zeischegg from johnny cubert white on Vimeo.


  1. Rock on, Michelle! She's so cute. :)

    The fact that women watch porn seems to be America's best kept secret. Anecdote: I was recently hanging out with an ex and I casually made reference to the fact that I watch porn and he was extremely surprised. I said "Come on now, you know what my sex drive is like, you know how often I masturbate..." and he said "Yes, but..."

    Hopefully the idea that women enjoy porn will become less taboo in the future.

  2. great videos, hope to see the rest of your speeches.
    Also you posted a blog before about going Vegan. Have you noticed any benefits since giving up dairy?

  3. Hey Erik,

    I'll hit up Johnny to see if he'll upload any of the other stories.

    As far as my diet, I actually haven't gone vegan or strictly vegetarian. I suppose the appropriate definition would be "selective omnivore." The reason for my change in diet is a heightened awareness of the methods employed by factory farming.

    But I'm actually eating a hamburger right now. The meat, however, comes from "Eel River,", a Northern-California organic farm that raises animals on pastures and slaughters them according to ethical practices.

    Anyways, yes, I have noticed quite a bit of difference. Chronic digestive problems I've had for years have all but disappeared. My body looks leaner. Other than that, there's nothing really specific other than that I just feel healthier. But you can still eat food that's terrible for you without eating meat. Vegetarian does not necessarily equal "healthy."

  4. i like the speech :} with me i use to do stuff im unhappy with and i thought if i did it more to make guys happy that it would make me happy. Now i don't do stuff like that anymore. I was the best at it. But i can't do it anymore :/ oh well that story was really great :D hope u can read more soon

  5. Really enjoyed your essay. Thanks for sharing. Actually, tonight I've stumbled upon several of your thoughtful, creative, positive and productive works in their various manifestations. Its encouraging and consoling. So thanks for that too. Seeing a glimpse of the man behind the scenes is going to make watching you a lot more enjoyable now.