Friday, July 23, 2010

StraightXedge Girl

I tried to write a poem a while back and it didn't turn out so great.

StraightXedge Girl

I was at a show and
So were you.
The patch on your sweatshirt read,
Beer sucks, drink water.
I wanted to kiss you, maybe more.
But you probably don't like sex.
Can't be sure
I'm the only straightedge person
I know,
And I fuck for money.
Ian MacKaye might say
I'm a poser.
But I've been sober
For six years.
I want to quit porn, move to a farm,
And not do drugs with you.
The farm probably costs a lot of money.
That's money I won't have
If I quit being a whore.
Anyways, It's awesome
You know all the words
To those Dangers songs.
I'd never seen or heard of them
Until that night.
Los Angeles isn't my scene.
I don't know if
I even have a scene.
The kids I grew up with
All live somewhere else.
I've been playing
Music with a guy
From an old Victory Records band
He does porn too.
We're going to start a porn
Metal band.
You might not approve.
But I'll beat up all the junkies you want
As long as I can fuck you in the ass.
I guess I do have
An addiction.
It doesn't kill brain cells
I'd still really like it
If we could hang out,
And fuck,
And not do drugs.


  1. Swooooooooon!

    Its been a long time since smart, hot sXe punks wanted to fuck me. LOL!