Monday, March 28, 2011

Interview With Andy San Dimas

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Danny: How long have you been working in the adult industry?

Andy: This January, it will be four years.

Danny: So what do you think you're most known for? What do you think people associate with your porn star persona?

Andy: I am usually in parodies. They usually end up making me a random character in parodies. If not, my pornstar persona is usually a bitch. Other than that, I don't really think I have much of one - other than just being a slut in general.

Danny: You're actually nominated for some AVN awards this year? [This interview was conducted prior to the AVN Awards. She has since won Best Actress and XBIZ Performer of the Year.]

Andy: Yeah, I got thirteen nominations. Fifteen if you count the songs that I sang in Glee.

I got nominated for Female Performer of the Year, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Boy/Girl/Girl, Best Boy/Boy/Girl, Best Group Girl - I think I got nominated three times in that category. I guess I just happened to be in a lot of good girl orgies.

Let's see... What else? Most Outrageous Sex Scene. Honestly, I can't even remember most of the categories I'm nominated for. Best Oral Sex Scene. Most of the general ones I suppose.

I was really only hoping for two nominations. I'm really surprised that I got thirteen.

Danny: Congratulations, by the way.

Andy: Thank you.

Danny: Jumping into the subject... Have you performed in pornographic scenes that would be considered rough, or even violent?

Andy: Yes. Actually, I got nominated for one of the roughest scenes I've ever done before. And in my opinion, it was - other than me consenting to be there and consenting to be a part of the scene - it was like a borderline rape scene.

And it's just because of the level of roughness, I guess. I can't think of a better word for it right now. Just the level of violence in the scene is something I'm not necessarily used to.

I used to work for a lot as a sub three years ago, when people were really into shooting me, and I wasn't really doing a lot of boy/girl. I realized then that I wasn't really into being that abused. And now, after performing in this particular scene this year, I realized I'm just not a sub anymore. It's just not something I prefer to do again.

Danny: What are some of the actual sex acts you've participated in that would be considered rough?

Andy: Well, I like to get slapped in the face during my scenes. But I like to have it done to me maybe four times tops during a scene. Like, you can't be hitting me in the face the entire time, and I was literally getting hit in the face that entire scene. There wasn't a second that went by where it wasn't happening. And it was a boy/boy/girl, so I had two guys doing this to me.

Danny: This is the one you're nominated for?

Andy: Yeah, it's for *****. One of the guys I'm really good friends with has felt kind of bad about the scene. Because he didn't realize that they were taking it to this level that was kind of unnecessary. But I think the other guy - I don't really want to say his name – he knew where he was taking it, and it was kind of too far. And I was kind of in this zone where I was wanting to get the scene done.

You know what it's like to sub. You get in your zone, and you're almost high off of the violence and the things that are happening to you. And you don't really want to stop at the time.

But what else do I consider violent?

Basically being beaten the whole time. At one point I was lifted up by my head by one of the guys, and I felt like my head was separating from my neck. That was the only time I had to call a cut in the scene, because I felt like my head was being ripped off. You can't lift someone up by their head. It hurts.

Being restrained and being hit at the same time, I'm not a big fan of.

There was a lot of something going on in the scene. And this is one of the only things I tell people not to do to me: that's spit on my face. I hate when people spit in my face. I think it's gross. I can swallow so much cum. I can swallow five guy's loads. I can swallow huge loads, and I have no problem with it. But if you spit in my face, or in my mouth, I want to throw up, and I hate you. It's like a disrespect thing to me. And I just don't like it.

Danny: Have you ever taken on a dominant role in a scene?

Andy: My most dominant role was in [name of film]. I haven't even watched the movie yet. I've read the reviews of the movie, and people seemed really blown away just by how dominant I was in the scene.

Obviously I was there. And I remember myself finally being able to take it to the next level. That's kind of the direction I've been going in. I've just been starting out with my girl/girl work - becoming more dominant. We'll see where it goes with my boy/girl stuff.

Personally, I'm more submissive to men than I am to women. I do like a certain level of violent and really harsh fucking in my scenes with guys. There's still a level of it that I can handle, and a level that I can't. And that's just because I'm not as submissive as I used to be.

Danny: Do you feel like you've ever performed in a scene where you were taking advantage of or degrading another performer?

Andy: Yes. Like I said before, it was kind of like a personal thing.

It was a performer who I don't particularly care for. But at the same time, I'm professional, and I would never do anything that someone asked me not to do on purpose - which I've had certain performers do to me.

You kind of have a talk with your cast mate before your scene. And you say, “Don't do this to me. You can do this me.” Kind of your do's and don't's. And this girl, I would never disobey her do's and don't's. But before we got into the scene, I asked her, “What can't I do to you?” And she said, “You can do anything to me. You can beat me up, you can slap me, you can talk shit to me...” You know. “You can sit on my face. I like being degraded. I like being tortured.”

She was basically giving me this free-for-all. And I was like, “Oh, well I'm working for Evil Angel, and I'm working for [director], so this means that I can do what I want basically. So we get into the scene and right away I can tell she was totally blowing herself up to be something she wasn't - acting like she could take a lot more than she could. Because as soon as the scene started, she started throwing up and crying. And that's what we had to deal with for half the scene.

I was very dominant, it was mostly mental. It was mostly me talking shit to her and saying things that I knew would upset her. But I think that everything physical that I would do to her was making her cry and throw up. So I was trying to avoid her puking. Because I don't know what the laws are in America. But I don't think you can show vomiting, can you?

Danny: The obscenity laws... I don't know that there's a list. It's more of a self censorship thing as far as I know.

Andy: Because this particular director - he's a friend of mine, he's a nice guy. He likes really hard, gross, intense sex. So he was really into her puking a lot during the scene.

She wanted to go hide every time she puked, but he was like, “No, keep going.” I think maybe he kept it for personal use. I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised.

That was the only time I felt that I truly degraded someone and it was because we got into the scene, and she wasn't acting how she had agreed to act before the scene. It was a little too intense for her. I was wondering in my head, like, “What would this girl be like in a scene if she was being dommed by Princess Donna, or Bobbi Starr, or someone that can really be mean to you?” Because I'm kind of like a novice dom right now. It's more of a mental thing for me than me physically hurting someone in the right ways. Because I'm not properly trained as of yet.

But mentally, I think it got into her head, and she lost it. But I've heard this about the same girl - that she cries during most of her scenes when she tells people to beat her up. And then they have to wait an hour while she has a panic attack on set before she can start shooting again. I don't know. That was really the only time I felt I physically degraded someone because I like had my foot on her head, and at certain points I was basically like stomping on her, and then she went home and wouldn't talk to me, and basically deleted me off everything on the Internet. I think she no-listed me.

Danny: During this scene, did anyone stop to check in with her?

Andy: Yeah. We did, but she was the one who was stopping a lot. It was more her stopping than anyone else. It was supposed to be a quick scene. It was a face fucking scene. You and I know that blowjob scenes can go by pretty quick. They're fifteen minute long scenes, twenty minute long scenes, twenty-five minutes top. And that's as long as I feel most sex scenes I do are. But she was stopping a lot.

Now when I did my scene where I felt I was most degraded, no one was stopping and asking me if I was okay.

Danny: That's actually my next question...

Andy: I don't really cry during my scenes, and I was crying.

Danny: Have you performed in scenes where you felt degraded? You already talked about this ***** scene for ******'s movie. Is that one of them?

Andy: That's THE scene. I've never cried during a scene. Or I've never cried after a scene. But that's the only scene where I literally broke down and sobbed in the shower, just because I had never felt so degraded in my entire life.

And like ****** is my friend, and her husband is my friend. But at the same time, no one really asked me... After the scene, everyone asked me if I was okay, and everyone showed concern. But no one really showed any concern for me during the scene - while we were filming it.

Even though if you watch the scene... I haven't actually watched the whole scene. I've watched little clips of it, but I don't really want to watch the whole scene. But if you watch it, you have to remember I'm not physically able to move a lot. And that's something that I like to be able to do during my scenes. I like to have control to place myself. I was shackled with big shackles that were like fifteen pounds each, from my wrists to my ankles. So the only way I could move during this whole scene was if the guys moved me. So I had to rely on them a lot to move me around into comfortable positions, and it got to the point in the scene where I didn't trust them just because of the kinds of things that were said to me.

They were spitting on my face the whole scene, and they were saying very personal things to me in my ear that were not for the camera. And it was just the one guy. And then the other guy... I don't really blame him. They work together a lot in scenes where they're both being dominant. And one guy just took the other guy's lead and went into it like that.

And during that scene, I felt the most degraded ever. And if you see the other girls' scenes in the movie, their scenes are nothing like mine. Mine was twenty times their scenes. And because of that reason, ****** felt bad so she gave me the cover of the movie. She felt like I deserved it, because I was treated like the biggest slut in the movie.

We don't really get a lot of information before we show up on set. We just get whether or not we're fucking a guy or a girl, who the person is, and what company it's for. And what clothes to bring. So when I showed up on set that day, I just knew it was a boy/boy/girl. I didn't know it was for this extreme hard sex movie where I was like getting beaten and shackled, and all this stuff the whole time. Otherwise, I probably would have axed the scene. Because I'm not really that submissive anymore.

If you would have done that to me three years ago, I would have loved it. Back in my days. Now, as a performer, and as a sexual being, that's not where I'm at in my sex life. When I'm dommed, I just want to beat the person up who's domming me. And that's not being submissive.

I also don't like doing blowbangs. I've done two, and I won't do another one unless they want to pay me a lot more. Because to me, a blow bang is super degrading. It doesn't seem that way until you're there. The guys that they hire for blow bangs - at least the ones I've done - they're talent who don't get hired a lot. And when they do, they kind of want to be the star of the scene and talk shit to you, and treat you like a piece of meat.

I like being treated like a whore during my scenes, but I don't like being treated like a piece of meat. The blow bangs were a little degrading, but not nearly as degrading as the scene that I was talking about.

And with, I wouldn't necessarily say that their stuff is degrading. Because I feel like they give you a lot of power there. When I was doing Device Bondage a lot, I felt like towards the end I had such a good relationship with the dom, Syd Black, who doesn't work there anymore, that I was getting to choose a lot of things that I did, making me - in the end - the dom. I mean, he was still performing everything on me, but I got to make a lot of choices as to what I was going to do that day and what I wasn't before I got there.

But you know, you go through phases. I know you've gone through similar phases where you were submissive, and then you wake up one day and you don't want to be beat up by someone anymore. And it's not your thing. And it kind of turns you off majorly.

Danny: But just by what you've talked about, you have performed in sexually submissive roles where you felt safe, right?

Andy: Yeah, definitely. With I think I shot for them eleven times within a very short period of time. And I haven't worked for them in about three years. And except for one website that I did for them, I felt very safe.

Wired Pussy... Princess Donna is a crazy dom. She's a really awesome person, but she can go really crazy on you. And I feel like I was kind of misled about how intense the electricity was when they asked me to do the website. I didn't know they were gonna be using cattle prods and all these other things... There was one point where I felt like my skin was being burnt off my body and I had to stop them.

But other than that... I've worked for pretty much all of their websites, and any time I've lost feeling in one of my limbs because I'm tied too tight, everyone's very quick to untie me and figure out something else to do with me. Because I have nerve damage now in my leg from doing Device Bondage and not saying anything. So other than that one website which was just a little too scary... Like, Water Bondage was the easiest website to do. They even let you wear a little nose clippy if you were scared you were gonna get water up your nose.

Danny: Have you ever felt empowered in a sexually submissive situation on camera?

Andy: The time that I did my Device Bondage live show... I did two live shows for them which are really intense. They're like six hour shows where you're just getting tortured continuously. And the first one I did as a decoration model - which is kind of like the test for whether or not you can work for again – at least they used to do it this way. You'd be a model that was there to get tortured but not as harshly as the girl who was the star of the scene that day.

You're just put in all these uncomfortable positions and tied really tightly. And you're just kind of sitting there as another point to focus on while they're setting up the other girl's setup. Because they have to make a lot of the devices on set, live, while you're waiting there.

So the second time I did it, I was the main girl, not just the decoration model. And that time I felt really empowered because that day was all about me. It was all about the things they were gonna do to me. That was the first time I felt like I was “in the zone” and really high off the so-called abuse that was going on to me. I had never experienced a forced orgasm before. And I was asking to be hit in the face repeatedly by Claire Adams. And they had me tied to a cross with Hitachi wands tied to a stick that was tied really tightly to my vagina.

Meanwhile, I'm being hit and pinched by these really crazy little clover clamps - like nipple clamps. At the time, I was in a different world. I hadn't taken any sort of drugs or anything like that. I was just really, really intensely fucked up from all these different things happening to me, sensory wise. And during the live feed, there's a robot voice that you can hear that's reading the chat to you of people that are watching you. And I was thinking, “All these people are jerking off to me right now. And I'm coming, and I can't stop coming. And they're forcing me to cum.” I felt this sense of power. I actually ended up crying a little bit in that scene. But I didn't realize that I was crying until half-way through the cry. It wasn't like I was crying out of being upset, or crying out of feeling abused. I can't really describe it. I was just so high off the energy there.

Danny: You've appeared in the following titles, Bitch Banging Bitch, Slut, and you're referred to on websites as “a brunette cock whore.” When you hear titles like these, do you feel like they have any negative connotations towards women?

Andy: I mean, they do towards women. Personally, me, “No.” Because I talk about girls like that.

Danny: So despite what you feel about your performances in these movies, how do you feel about being promoted as such?

Andy: I'm not trying to refer to myself in third person here, or whatever, but that's Andy San Dimas. That's what I got into when I knew I was gonna do porn. I was gonna be in things where I was gonna be called a cum slut, or you know, a jizz rag, and be referred to as a bitch, and a whore. I knew all those things, and I accepted it.

I've been called things like that since middle school before I ever had sex with anyone. I'm gonna get called those things just walking down the street by some guy who just sees me - you know - who has any hatred towards women. To me, they're just words. If you really come off that way in real life, that's different, and that's on you. But, you know, I refer to girls like that in my scenes.

Even in my personal life, I'll say something like that. It's weird because I feel so desensitized that it doesn't occur to me that those are really degrading things to call someone. And maybe normal people aren't used to being referred to that way, and maybe take huge offense to being called a cum slut, or a brunette cock whore. And at the same time, I've been called a slut and a whore since I was fourteen years old when I hadn't even done anything.

Danny: Do you actually enjoy being called a cunt, whore, or anything during sex? Do you ever enjoy that?

Andy: Yeah, I do. For some reason, that translates to me that I'm good at sex. If someone's calling me a slut while they're fucking me, it's like a pet name almost. It's like, “Oh, I'm a slut. I want to be your slut.” I'm so desensitized that if you called me cupcake or muffin or something like that, I'd think you were kind of a pussy.

Danny: Is there any specific word that you wouldn't call anyone, or never want to be called?

Andy: I would never do a scene with a black person and call them a nigger. I would never use any major racial slur during a scene.

I did a scene the other day where I was supposed to be Latina, and they kind of messed up and thought that I was, and booked me for it, and shot me for it anyways. And I had to act like I was Hispanic. So I told the guy to fuck my mexicunt, and things like that. And that was just me being silly. But I would never use a heavy, super-offensive racial slur to anyone.

I can't think of any other words that I wouldn't use because I've said it all to everybody and it doesn't really matter to me. It's just sex and words. Words are just words, you know?

Danny: What is your opinion on drugs and alcohol on set? Do you think a performer who has had a few drinks or is under the influence of marijuana can still act with informed consent?

Andy: Honestly, I really dislike drugs on set. Sometimes I take medicine for social anxiety which is totally different than taking drugs-drugs, because I don't get fucked up off of those drugs. But ever since I started taking this drug for my anxiety, it's made me a better performer. It's made me a lot less inhibited and it has taken me to the next level with my confidence in performing. I think it's what made me make the decision mentally that I wasn't submissive anymore.

But I hate it when people smoke weed before a scene. I love smoking pot so much. I'm probably one of the bigger pothead girls in porn. But you will never see me smoking weed before a scene on set. Because I think it's unprofessional. I look high.

I did it one time. And I worked with this male talent who's known for being kind of intense, and kind of being scary to you if you're a girl who's never worked with him before. I smoked pot with him before the scene, and I had never worked with him before. And he scared the shit out of me just because I was high and I shouldn't have been.

Alcohol should never be on set. Never. I did a scene for one of my first movies, where the director wanted me to get kind of drunk. And honestly, I wanted to get kind of drunk because I hadn't done a scene in almost two years. So it was me coming back, and it was with a guy who was a lot older than me - older than I was used to having sex with. And I was really, really nervous.

I ended up getting a little too drunk for my own good, and I blacked out during the scene. I didn't remember the scene ending. And I went home to the director's house, realized we had stopped shooting the scene, and I immediately felt like the ultimate piece of shit. But somehow that's everybody's favorite scene in the whole movie.

I don't know.

You should never be drunk on set because you can never tell how far you're going in something. Especially with male talent. This has happened to me once before. Actually twice. Both were really drunk on set. And I felt very unsafe. And I had heard things about these certain performers - that they aren't so nice to you, and it's because they get drunk on set.

It's unprofessional and you shouldn't be drinking before a scene. You shouldn't be doing it. And you shouldn't be smoking weed before a scene. If you want to smoke afterwards, and you're done for the day, and you're approved to go off set and smoke, then do it. But you shouldn't have any sort of drugs or alcohol before a scene. It makes the sex very unnatural.

Danny: So have you actually witnessed someone sent home for drug or alcohol use on set?

Andy: No. But I have seen instances where the person should have been sent home. I've heard of other people being sent home, but I've never witnessed it.

Danny: How common do you think drug and alcohol abuse is in the industry? Especially during scenes, or during the actual day of set?

Andy: I think it's pretty common. There's a certain girl I know that whenever I see her, I can tell she's really fucked up. She's getting fucked up all day on set. She's, you know, smoking pot all day on set. But she's on other things too. And everyone kind of giggles at it because they think it's funny. But I can see in her eyes that she's fucked up, and it makes me feel like all the work I've put in, and how much I try, and how I make an effort to come to set sober - that it's unappreciated, because this person makes way more money than I do. And she's basically allowed to have a smörgåsbord of drugs in her system on set, and still work every day. It's a little unfair.

A lot of people smoke weed on set. And that's not as bad as other shit. But if anyone's been doing coke on set, I haven't seen it. They keep it in the bathroom. Because you will get thrown off set for straight up doing coke on set. I've heard of people being all coked up on set. But I've never physically seen anyone do it.

And drinking on set... not really. I haven't seen that many people blatantly drink alcohol on set if they were performing. Technically, I'm pretty sure it's illegal. When you fill out your paperwork, part of you signing it is saying that you are not on any drugs, or alcohol.

Danny: What are your feelings on condom use in the straight side of the industry? Do you feel like it should be presented as a choice?

Andy: I feel like it should be a choice. Personally, I don't like condoms. I understand why they don't sell porno. I'll be totally honest. Condoms are kind of a turnoff. I feel like when you're fucking someone in your personal life... I'm not saying I hate condoms or that you shouldn't use condoms... If I had it my way, if the industry wanted to go all condom, I'd be all for it. I wouldn't have a problem with it and I'd still work. Whatever.

But condoms are kind of a turnoff.

If you use a condom with one person but then you don't use it with another person, and that person finds out that you want to use a condom with them, they're wondering like, “What's wrong with me?” You know, that kind of thing. Or when you're in the moment and you're fucking in your personal life, and you're like, “Oh stop, let's use a condom.” They're like, “Oh, do you think I'm dirty? Are you dirty?” Let's stop the good vibes that we had so you can put this piece of rubber on your dick that's going to desensitize you and possibly hurt my pussy. You know, condoms are like, “Eh.”

That's kind of why I prefer only to fuck around with people who have documented, brand new tests. Like, if I fuck someone in my personal life, I usually make them go get tested at AIM so I don't have to use a condom with them. But for the most part, I only fuck other tested talent.

But if they are presented as a choice, I think people are still going to be discouraged. The company's gonna be like, “She wanted to use a condom? Well, I don't want to hire her anymore. I want the girls who don't use condoms.” It would be a double edged sword. Like, you'd lose work if you wanted to use a condom. If condoms were mandatory, I would just be fine with it because of the extra protection. Now, I'd still want the testing to be the same if condoms became mandatory.

Danny: There are some companies that interview talent either before or after sex, or both. Do you think this has any effect on the actual scene?

Andy: No. It's something that most companies do: the before or after interview. I've noticed they usually do it when you're doing like rougher scenes. Like, whenever I work for [director], he does an interview before and after the scene. It's mostly them just showing that you're there and that you want to do it, and afterwards you're okay.

Danny: So do you think this has an effect on the consumer?

Andy: A little. I think it makes the consumer feel better about themselves beating off to someone who's being tortured. Like, at the end, they can sleep at night not thinking they're a monster for beating off to you crying or being punched, or being tied up. They realize that you like it.

I think it's more for the companies legally so that no girl can go and say, “Oh, I felt raped that day. I want to press charges against the company for this, this, and this.” Then they get that video clip saying that you're okay, then you can't really do anything to them.

Danny: Do you think that consumers should assume that performers are consenting to all activities performed on camera despite the things like interviews?

Andy: I mean, for the most part. Unless the person that's doing the scene says something, then you have to assume the person is okay with everything that's being done to them. Because you do have a lot of power when you're filming a scene. You can stop and say, “No, I'm not cool with that,” and then start right back up again. So, I mean, everything you're seeing is on the film because the person said it was okay. So I think it's safe to assume that.

Danny: Do you think that these companies who shoot rough or violent sex should be held to higher standards in terms of conveying consent?

Andy: I do. Just because if it's a rougher scene, you like to make sure that the person... I don't masturbate to porn, so I don't know what it's like to mentally have a guilt trip over something I just jerked off to. I kind of assume that when someone's masturbating to porn or watching porn for any other self-gratifying reason, that they don't think about it afterwards. Then they just kind of cum, and then it's gone, and then they're like, “Okay. Whatever.”

Like, you're not thinking, “Oh that poor girl that I beat off to... Is she dead in a gutter somewhere? Is she doing heroine?” I feel like people don't think about things like that. But I could be very wrong because of the sheer number of Twitter followers that I have who know everything about me, and want to know if I'm okay. So I guess that's not true. People do think about you after they're done jerking off to you. I guess it all depends on the person.

I feel like they should, and they try. They try to be more proactive with disclaimers for consumers.

Danny: Say, you watch a staged rape scenario between two performers you've never met put out by a company you've never heard of. Do you think there's anything besides an interview stating consent that would make you feel comfortable watching that?

Andy: I'd just feel comfortable anyways. If I was looking for that kind of scene to watch, then it's something that I looked for. That was my whole argument with the John Stagliano thing last year. All of the movies that he was being prosecuted for for obscenity – they were almost all fetish movies. If you really wanted to see this, you would have had to search for it to find it. It's not like you were flipping through Nickolodeon one day, and then Anal Acrobats 14 or 12, or whatever number it was, came on and a girl shit a banana into another girl's mouth. It's not like your eyes are just getting raped on the Internet by it. You literally had to look so hard to see these movies. If you really want to watch the Jay Sin kind of porn, if you really want to see it that bad, how can you possibly be offended by it?


  1. Why do you censor the director and film names? We wanna see her in a dom role!!!

  2. Because she's a friend and she asked me to.

  3. Makes you think if she was referring to James Deen or that guy with a tattoo :P

  4. It was James Deen.

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