Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back From the Dead

It's all below the cut.



I don't know if anyone's noticed. But this blog has taken a bit of a break. Here are some factors.

1. A bout of depression that may, or may not, have predated the 2012 AVN Awards but was certainly amplified by it.

My internal monologue mid-convention/awards ceremony/Las Vegas experience: "This is why everyone thinks porn is a joke. Because it is... Look at that. It's a 'Milky Way' screensaver in place of the nominations list for Best New Starlet. Oh, there it is again. The awards ceremony has become one big technical glitch. At least our galaxy is putting things into perspective. But at this point, we don't need a reminder. We're all aware of how insignificant we really are."

2. A couple weeks for my brain to start producing serotonin.

3. New responsibility.

I'm now producing content for, which is not actually operational as of yet. But some time in the next few months, it will be.

Upon launch, there will be several updates that have nothing to do with me. But then it's going to be a lot of "shot/edited/scored/sometimes performed in" by Danny Wylde. There will also be a lot of Lily LaBeau and friends having sex.

4. Other things in my life that aren't updating a blog.


Now that I AM updating my blog, here are some things to check out:

1. I have a new article up for Smitten Kitten called "To Beat a Dead Horse." It's about a new, little condom law here in Los Angeles.

2.My friend, Lynsey G, is having an art show in NYC. I'm featured in it. Here's some info. And if you want one of the postcards, hit me up. I've got plenty of them.

3. Evangelical, anti-porn nut, Shelley Lubben, is about to get knocked down a few more notches in the upcoming episodes of "The Devil and Shelley Lubben." Here's a teaser.


  1. So excited for Hotel Labeau. And yeah, the AVN Awards were straight up embarrassing. I can't imagine how they're going to make it look like anything less than a shit show for Showtime.

  2. Yes.I noticed this blog has not been updated for a while.Been waiting for an update...

  3. Is the porn community worried or bothered about this Shelley lady? The anti-porn brigade are in a losing game.The world loves porn.

  4. porn world is not bothered by Shelley Lubben. at least not any more. she's clearly off the deep end.

  5. I'm glad you're doing okay - depression sucks balls and can be a bitch to get out of. I'm also glad you're writing for Smitten Kitten, too. :) The scenes you did with Dylan are great!