Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hotel LaBeau Teasers

So if you didn't know already, Lily LaBeau and I are launching her site,, on July 1st. Here are all the teaser trailers we premiered on Fleshbot.

July 1st

Love Hotel LaBeau

Be a Sucker for Hotel LaBeau


Our first feature we will be debuting sometime in mid-August.

Manhunt: Ibiza


  1. I think you're fucking gorgeous, deff my favorite porn star besides James Deen, but I was wondering is this you? and where is it from if it is you.

  2. Thanks for the love. And yes, that is me. I believe it's from a website called My best guess is that it's from a scene with India Summer. But it's hard to tell from that gif.

  3. Actually, nevermind. That's definitely not India Summer. And it might not be soapy massage either. I just know that my scene with India Summer is the only full sex scene I did for that site. The rest of them wouldn't have featured me picking up a girl like that. So... I'm not entirely sure. It's not a recent thing so I apologize for not knowing exactly where that comes from.

  4. Oh. I really like that last one.

  5. Both you and Lily Labeau? Sounds like heaven :) Cant wait!

  6. Anyone looking at this for the first time... We were soooooo premature with the release dates on this. I think we're just going to keep our mouth shut until it's actually ready. On our own time. On our own time. Sorry folks.

  7. oh my gosh Danny i Love you ! You're my fave ever !