Saturday, October 6, 2012

Instagram Photo Dump

I've been working a lot for lately. Sometimes they dress me up better than I dress myself (not hard to do). The talent department even let me keep this new pair of pants. Very nice of them. 

A weird turn of events landed me on the set of a Matthew Barney film called "River of Fundament." It's loosely based on the Norman Mailer novel, Ancient Evenings. I can't say too much about it. But when I'm covered in shit, my hands are still gold. Look for an opera house near you... In 2014. 

All the side projects I participate in (bands, porn sites, etc...) are incapable of staying on schedule. So forget every time I say "this thing is coming out on this date." Because it probably won't happen. Not that it won't happen at all. Just not by the date I said it would. Anyways, my band is called Chiildren now. Not Children. We are trying to release an EP this month (remember what I just said). So we did some photo shoots. Potential album covers, promo photos, whatever. This is not an actual photo. Just a shitty iPhone pic of part of a polaroid we won't actually use. 

Here's another shitty iPhone pic of a polaroid we won't use. This was my idea - to get hung from a tree. I almost passed out. Twice. 

This is just me at the gym. I like looking at other people's mouths when I'm fucking them. Not sure if anyone likes looking at mine. 

Back on set for You can't actually tell what's going on here. I think someone is getting tied up. A girl I will eventually fuck. She's pretty cute. I play a ghost. 

Before I go, I want to leave you with a question. Since I am primarily working on writing longer things (like stuff that might become books), I'm not always thinking about what to write for this blog. If you have any ideas, make a comment, or email me. Wait, none of that was posed as a question. "What do you want me to write about?"


  1. What about interactive erotica?
    You start a scene you find interesting and leave it at a cliffhanger.. Then anyone can add what they would want to have happen.. When you find the one you like most you add to it and so on..
    Could be super fun :)

  2. Why the name change? Copyright? Is there already a band out there called Children?

  3. Interesting idea, "anonymous," but given the lack of responses on this one, i think it's not going to have much participation.

    and ceth...

    not necessarily a copyright issue. but there is already a band called children. it's also ridiculously hard to find us on the internet by searching "children." my bandmate, chad, thinks its an acceptable compromise given our band's electronic nature and the reference to ASCII and old Atari electronics.

  4. Referring to that last comment of yours Danny, I have to agree. Searching for Children never brings you up first. Changing it to Chiildren was the best thing you could do. Good move! ;)

  5. This is an old blog post and I know that, but I just wanted to say that the only reason I decided to pay for (which was a shockingly good investment, by the way) is because of a tiny piece of dialogue(?) in the scene you vaguely describe in this post.

    She says something to the affect of "This hurts so bad" (or whatever), and you counter back almost immediately with "I fucking DIED!!"

    It is literally a gem, and I thank you for existing. Also, I love Chiildren. To an almost unhealthy extent.

  6. to the anonymous commenter above me, thank you! best comment in a while. really cool to hear about the thing (hah). and I'm glad you like chiildren. seems to be the thing i do that people care the least about. but its an important project for me. so i appreciate the feedback.

    my best!


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