Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Instagram Photo Dump April 17th

Drunk Mel Gibson and co...

This is some of the shit that makes Author & Punisher work. A one-man-industrial-machine-human-hybrid.

A dark blurry pic of Author & Punisher live. 

Joanna Angel wearing the perfect high school tshirt. And the perfect mix of physicality and metaphor for us adults.

Heather, that fucking cool makeup artist who worked on our CHIILDREN music videos rocking out in her own band: Egrets on Ergot

Looking my best.

But it's all a lie.

Heather came over when I was sleeping. She left this note on my door. 

This is for a future epic video project that I am slowly pre-production(ing). #storyboards. "ECU Speculum in ass."

From that movie, Klovn, which is the funniest shit ever. 

Favorite album of the year before it was officially released. Until...

...I found out about Maurice De Jong, the one man genius behind Gnaw Their Tongues and about 20 other beautiful, destructive, dark-as-fuck experimental projects. It's all I can listen to.

As for local music, I finally found this guy who does all ages shows in Los Angeles. It's actually extremely difficult to find places around here to do stuff like this. This is a picture of Agowilt live. 

More of the important things in life. This one is extra important.

For whatever reason, more people are willing to pay for my penis lately. And I need a new car. So I've been working... A LOT. So this a picture where I'm tired and dropping quarters at the laundromat. 

I had this once as a child when I accompanied my father to Germany in order to watch my grandmother die. The drink stayed with me. I've never had a better bottled beverage. I found it again in Hungary when vacationing with Lily LaBeau. Now it's made its way to Los Angeles. I found it in a little Currywurst shop on Fairfax Ave.

Just another day slutting it up for cash and kicks. This was a pretty good one. 


  1. Danny, Just wondering how you feel about the "six strikes Rule" by Major ISPs ???
    Do you think this will help to increase sells in the adult industry??

  2. Not really. I don't think trying to penalize people gets them to go back to an old way of consuming media. I don't know the solution.

  3. You are fucking hot mate :D

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