Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Instagram Photo Dump May 14

Me being super awkward. Dressed as an angel. About to gangbang.

I don't want to give the impression that all I do is gangbang. But I'm about to gangbang again. As my favorite president.

Look. Here I am not about to gangbang. Just regular bang. But with ropes and stuff. That is Cameron Dee.

This has nothing to do with banging. Just friends and birthdays. And unicorns.


Sometimes when I go to San Francisco and bang, they give me my own dilapidated ex-military-bunker room. But it's comfortable. And I sleep well.

I hope that when I post gym pics, people imagine me saying, "Bro (breh, brah, bruuuh)," a lot.

This was a wonderful day. Tristan Taormino, Dylan Ryan, Jiz Lee, April Flores, and a bunch of others who like to make porn, talk about porn, and care about people.

This was pretty exciting. The horror website, Bloody Disgusting, featured my band's newest music video as their Twisted Video of the Week.

For the sake of making gross "art." This is actually not that much syrup for what I'm trying to do. You will find out eventually.

Occasionally, I get the opportunity to perform music for people. This was taken by a really good dude named Luka.

More CHIILDREN photography by Luka.


For anyone interested, I did an online radio show for Witch City Radio. Listen HERE.


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  2. I hoped I waited long enough that you had to make the decision you thought was best. Remember the first time you did anything. You probably weren't a pro. You had to figure out how to do it and what you liked. But also remember that sex is something that you should be able to choose in regards to your first time. Do you want to hook up with this guy or don't you? That decision is all about you.