Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Instagram Photo Dump June 11th

We (Chiildren) are putting out a physical deluxe album eventually. I don't know when but I always want to say soon - even though it's kind of out of my hands at this point. The album art was not out of my hands. Here's a BTS pic from the shoot.

After the shoot. Chad and I tied together by our own umbilicus. Or maybe it's cut at this point.

I took this photo one morning when I awoke to a text message about work being cancelled. The location owner had locked us out of the house. But then someone else offered me a job.

I bought these pants so that I could play an angel in a gangbang. Then I wore them to the airport.

This is a picture I took upon realizing I spend too much time at the airport.

I found this drink at a health food store in San Francisco. It's black water. For some reason, I often purchase drinks that I've never heard of. When I posted this, people told me it was the business idea of someone from Real Housewives of something or other. Then explains why it made me piss like 15 times in an hour.

This is Clea Duvall in The Faculty. She has never returned to this level of goddess.

Playing a show alongside my brother, Chad Fjerstad.

Playing the same show. Oh, and this pic was snapped by Luka Fisher.

More shows. We blew our PA system for the second time at this one. Because the venue was a small, anarchist collective with no mic stands. We duct taped microphones to our PA stands and placed the PA on the floor. The carpet was eating up all the sound so I tried to compensate by turning shit up. Bad idea.

Anyway, here's another Luka Fisher snapshot of yours truly.

Wolf Hudson and I drove to work because we were going to DP Severin Graves. I was having a bad day and almost called the scene. But then it ended up going really well. So we took this goofy ass picture while stuck in LA traffic on the way home.

Luka invited me to an art show he was participating in called Masterpieces of Shit. This was the first thing I saw when I walked in.

One of my favorites from Masterpieces of Shit.

Luka and I in front of one of his works.

Luka and I in front of Divine and some shitty porn.

This is one of my favorite selfies as of late. I had just heard some really good news. I'm still not allowed to talk about it.

A UCSB student snapped this when I was reading in her class. Or Constance Penley's class. Whoever it belongs to.

I finally cleaned my car for the first time in years. There were some storyboards I had drawn up for a post-apocalyptic, bisexual porno. Obviously, it was never produced.

Oh, and I made it on to Wikipedia. But they removed the part about me being a dragonslayer. Because Wikipedia are a bunch of cunts. 


  1. Danny,are you two naked in the first picture??

    Is the album cover and pictures inside going to feature naked pictures of you guys? If so,can you also do a non-naked one or one in which your privates are covered with something or the pictures cropped? So you know,it can reach a wider audience.

    You have a Wikipedia page now. Did you write it? ;)

    1. JJ, yes we are naked in the album art. But our genitals are not showing. They are submerged in the black (hydrocarbon corpse juice).

      And I did not write my Wikipedia page. I did add the dragonslayer part. But it was removed.

    2. Your wiki page has only one detail regarding your porn work.

      Are you okay with that?

      I would think that you would be concerned about the article mentioning that you have also done G and B porn. I think I can understand if you're concerned about that even though that info is available online.

      By the way,I have nothing to do with your wiki page.

      What is a deluxe album? Bonus tracks? Bonus CD/DVD? A different album case?

  2. Are u and lily still dating? Also, is your makelovenotporn scene not free?

  3. Lily moved to Washington to pursue other interests in life (besides porn). She comes down to LA on occasion to work and see friends. We are on the best of terms. Though we are no longer dating.

    And the makelovenotporn scene is not free. Most porn you watch is not intended to be free. It's just pirated. Like most music and film obtained for free.

  4. I love how you bought pants to wear in a gangbang, and then wore them to the airport. hahah

  5. I thoroughly agree with the one picture being your best selfie. You have an incredible smile! As well as many other things :)

    ~female fan