Monday, July 22, 2013

Instagram Photo Dump July 22nd, 2013

Before the photo dump begins, take a gander at this flyer. You should probably go. Because Phoenix is hot, it's her birthday, there will be porn, and there will be metal. I will be in attendance and playing in my band, Chiildren

LA County fucked up my job at home. So I fly. A lot. This is one of my many airport selfies. 

This is my bed. Someone motivated me to make it more fun.

My art projects are delving into concepts around post-secular spiritualism. Not that I'm trying to incorporate this shit in my life. But critique of major religious movements is so old hat. Time to critique the new and ancient. So I'm reading about Luciferianism, which is funny. It has some cool pictures of demons though.

This woman, Helen Money, is the only live musician to give me chills since I was a teenager. 

Porn director, Dana Vespoli, made me fuck in a dress. Or she asked really nice. And then it happened. I kind of liked it.

This is immediately after fucking in the dress. 

My friend, Ben Hoffman, took some promo shots for my upcoming book. #ComeToMyBrother

This is some software I use to write Chiildren tunes. 

From our first headlining show. 

I think Evan Solano of Blackend Media shot this. 

This is Owen Gray. A piece of video that will not be out for a while. Also for Chiildren. 

Hanging out in bed. Being a slut. 

Ssippi showing me up with even shorter short shorts. 4th of July.

This is Penny Pax up in San Francisco. Right after we fucked. Right before she killed me. 

When I grow old.

Sometimes I wear a suit. For work. I have no other reason to wear it. But it looks okay.

I was obsessed with Snapchat for about a week. It got me over looking at my arm when I'm tested. I don't use Snapchat anymore.

Pho all around me. This is an obnoxious picture of myself eating food.

This one time I made out with Lindsay Lohan. It will be in theaters

Night before a shoot. In the worst place on earth: Las Vegas. 

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