Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Come To My Brother" - Out Today!

My very first novel, Come to my Brother, is out today! Run your browser over to QueerYoungCowboys.com and pick up a copy. You can also find it on Amazon.com, but more money goes to "the man." So, uh, make the right choice ;).


  1. Hey Chris: Excited to delve into your world via Come To My Brother. I'd love to have a signed bookplate (as I'm ordering the print and digital version through Queer Young Cowboys); however, I may be a total idiot, but I'm not seeing where to choose the signed bookplate option. As an avid fan of not just your writing through Trve West and of Chiildren, but of Danny Wylde, I believe that I'd be doing myself a massive disservice if I didn't take full advantage of the opportunity to have a signed copy of your first novel. Hence, my post through Trve West regarding the QYC site. Any direction you could provide on how to order a signed copy of your novel, would make me the giddiest girl on the planet :) My hard earned $20 is burning the proverbial hole....so, let me know how to spend it. Thanks, Jodi

  2. Jodi, thank you so much for writing here. I'm a little bummed to give you the answer. My publisher and I decided to go with limited edition bookplates. They just sold out this past Friday. If you happen to catch me at an event, conference, show, etc... I'd be happy to sign your copy for you. But the signed bookplate option is no longer available online. My apologies.

  3. Chris...you're killing me slowly as we speak :) No, that's totally cool. Regardless of the signed bookplates (or not), I'll be ordering your novel this evening. Stoked to dive in! I'd love to catch you at an event; however, I only get out to L.A. once a year or so. Hey, I have an idea...although not a practical one. I just read your interview with Inside Flesh. Since Piotr and Sylvia are coming to the US next month, the 3 of you (and Proxy for good measure), should tour the University circuit to discuss Suka Off. UNM in Albuquerque needs some general enlightenment. Yeah...again, not practical. However, I was engrossed with your interview, and Piotr's explanation of 'not wanting to create an Actor X' was, for me, a brilliant thought. I'm definitely visiting the Inside Flesh site tonight to check it out. This also sounds like a 'project' that is right up your alley :) Again, thank you for the explanation regarding the bookplate for Come To My Brother. I'm sure I'll have a long, drawn out, all encompassing review for you in a month. Thanks again...Peace, Jodi