Saturday, October 12, 2013

Danny Wylde RIP

Danny Wylde RIP

It will soon become obvious. So I thought I'd say it first. Today marks the end of my career as a pornographic performer.

This was not planned out. I was looking forward to perhaps another decade in front of the camera. But life tends to happen in ways we don't predict. I didn't imagine fucking for a living in the first place. After nearly eight years, it's hard to imagine an end so abrupt.

I don't need to go into great detail, except to say that I've encountered a medical issue associated with my use of performance-enhancing, erectile dysfunction drugs. I've received professional medical advice to stop. If I don't, I face the likelihood of some pretty nasty, long-term problems.

I'm otherwise in very good health and wish to keep it that way. Thus, I've decided to quit performing altogether. To those who might suggest, "Why don't you continue without the ED drugs?" Well, I have no interest in struggling along as a mediocre - or worse - porn star. It doesn't work for me (or most of the male performer population for that matter).

To all of you who've watched me over the years, I want to say, "Thank you." I feel incredibly privileged to have lasted in this business for as long as I have. I've met great people, shared wonderful experiences, and opened my world up to many things I wouldn't have access to otherwise.

Further, I want to thank all the people who make up the adult industry for being a part of my life in whatever capacity it's been possible. I hope to stay in touch with those who have become my close friends. If I remain in the industry under a different light, I guess I'll see the rest of you around anyway. But at this point... Who knows?

The past few days have been life-changing. I would be lying to say that I haven't freaked out and lost my shit a couple of times. Thankfully, I have a great support system of friends and family. They've reminded me that worse things have happened, and that people bounce back.

So it's time for me to buckle down and figure out my next step in life.

If this post happens to find someone who I might not reach out to otherwise, feel free to contact me with any prospects. Now more than ever, I'm open to change.

And if you haven't yet reached your "Danny Wylde" fix, fear not. I will be posting previously unreleased material that I produced with Lily LaBeau under our Future Sex Shock store. I may also continue to webcam if my future schedule permits.

Though the premise may change, I don't plan on abandoning this blog. Hopefully, some of you continue to find it relevant.

I wish the best to all of you.


(the end of)
Danny Wylde


A pretty good interview went up last week on The Gore-Gore Girl's blog. I think it's still relevant aside from some of my future plans. Hah. Check out Marquis de Porn: An Interview with Danny Wylde


  1. I'm really sorry to hear this. Porn is not going to be the same without you! But like I said on Twitter, your health comes first. I do insist that you keep blogging here. I always enjoy your posts. And you better stay on Twitter!

  2. "So here we are
    This is the end
    But all that dies
    Is born again

    This is very sad :( But you'll find something else you love and be very successful at it. You're an amazing guy and your health comes first, always.
    I wish you the best and I hope you keep us informed about everything you do ;)

  3. I remember the first time I saw Danny Wylde on screen. I had just started working at Naughty America and was still experiencing the daily horror of being made to view hot porn scene after ridiculously hot scene all while sitting at a GLASS-TOPPED desk. Yes, the scenes were sexy as fuck, and, yes, I had at least some degree of physical arousal trapped in my pants for well more than half of my work day---I can't even begin to tell you how difficult it was to try to hide all of that nonsense under a glass fucking desktop! And then my first Danny Wylde scene lands in my inbox. "Are you fucking kidding me?" I thought. "Is this some kind of sick joke from one of my coworkers who knew I would think Danny Wylde was the hottest thing I had ever laid eyes on??!" Mr. Wylde took what was already an embarrassingly arduous task of erection concealing and made it damned near impossible for me to be able to interact with ANY of my coworkers for fear that my mind's vigorous physical response to Wylde's sexy bod would immediately be recognized and called out for everyone in the office to deride. One thing I can say, though: my work days were certainly much more entertaining from that day forward. So, thanks, Danny Wylde!! RIP, buddy.

  4. Really sorry to read this,..but your a smart guy,i look forward to hearing what you do next, good luck buddy. xx Alan

  5. You have proven to have many talents, this is just the end of one and we all know your health must come first. This may be the end for Danny, but a new beginning for Chris. I'm sure we will still be hearing about music, books and maybe even on the other side of the camera. You're too talented to sit still.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about this but, as you said, your health is most important. Keep well. Danny Wylde was sexy but Chris is even more so! ;) looking forward to more music and literature now! Best of luck on your new journey. Xx

  7. I think you might need a different source of income, but Danny Wylde will live on. No matter how hard this is, you will get through it. You are crazy amazing and you have many talents. I adore you to bits. Cam shows and cam chats (I like chatting with you). When you go through tough times, always look to the people who love you to support you. The people you see every day, the people you talk to and your online family. I'm certainly sticking around to see what happens next. I got to know you because you are a porn star, I like you because you are so much more than that. I wish you all the best.

  8. Danny....this is indeed a sad day for everyone who loved watching you perform on camera. However, your talent is not limited to, nor does it completely encompass, the adult film industry. You are a brilliant musician, a profound, complex and thoughtful writer, and...well, let's just say're gorgeous! You are, without a doubt, a well rounded, talented and intriguing individual, and I have no qualms about saying that...even though (selfishly) your cock will be missed, I am excited to see what you will do next in your career. The most important thing you can do for yourself, and your family right now, is to get well!! Take it easy, get yourself back to your 'fighting stance', and then GRAB the world by the balls and take no prisoners!! Even though Danny Wylde has passed into the great unknown, Chris will emerge from those ashes...and personally, I can't wait to see your interpretation of a Phenix. Stay strong man...we all adore you!!

  9. 1st the Side effects of the ED pills will go away, once it's out of your system
    2nd It's clear you have other talents I don't think it's going to be an issue earning an income
    3rd Also Society is more Accepting of former Adult workers.

  10. Oh, I wasn't expecting that but, as other people have said, you have multiple talents, I became a fan (or sort of, due to the limitations of a different country and currency) after finding out what you did behind the cameras. I wish I could have been more supportive or expressive here on your blog, hope it won't be gone as well.

  11. I felt pretty naive when reading this, as I didn't realize that you & lots of other performers use ED, performance enhancing drugs. I would be really interested in reading more about your experience with this and as a porn performer in general (perhaps a memoir?) I hope you keep writing and blogging!

  12. So what's next for your little man? Rehab? 12 step for ED drug abusers? Will it take years of therapy before he gives up his inflated dreams of glory and accepts that, basically, we're all just limp dicks?

  13. Really sorry to hear this. I've admired your work ever since I started blogging. I do hope you keep writing, because you're one of the freshest, realest voices out there. Keep making music, writing words and... yeah, like other people have said on here, Danny might be gone but Chris will blossom into someone fantastic. Not that you're not already fantastic.

    Keep in good health, bro.


  14. Sad to hear this.I am a great fan of yours.
    All the BEST.
    Could you tell the name of your first and last porn movie? Just curious.

  15. Good luck with everything, Danny. I will miss you very, very much.

  16. Thanks Danny. You're still freaking hot, though.

  17. I've just now gotten into watching porn, I'm a girl btw. & you easily became my favorite.. after a little googling, I get to this & I find out you've quit the business!! All I could think of while watching one of your videos was "damn I wish I was that lucky, maybe I should go into porn just to meet this guy!" & now I can't even do that!! Damn it!

  18. I just stumbled across your films in recent say im excited about you is not giving what i feel any justice.....i never notice men in porn for some reason and i been watching since i was sorry for the sudden change in life...i myself had my life change for the worse....lost my family and my boyfriend to another girl while im 5months prego with his daughter. ....also became homeless and lost custody of my 7yr old......because of my ex....yea life sux but here i am all for me has been a release of me being in my prime coupled with raging hormones.....i wished to try and arrange meeting you....but i cant get ahold of u hence me putting out my private life in a yes this is hard for me.....but if your interested in making a sad girl happy in just contacting least one thing would go my way....god bless you on your new road in life. I wish you nothing but the best.

  19. Hi Danny, I just heard about your quitting the life and wanted to wish you the best of luck in the rest of the oyster-shaped world. I genuinely and surprisingly (no offence) liked your acting in The Canyons so I hope you get some opportunities to do a little more of that sometime, as well as write, which you seem to have a talent for too :)