Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Maggie West - FLUID

New photo series from Maggie West. She used a macro lens and colored lights to photograph our blood, saliva, and come. I believe the above photo ^ is of my semen. CHECK THE REST HERE


  1. Hi Christopher (I like that name more...) Hello, I'm Nadia, I live in a small province in the North of Argentina, in Latin America. I have your age, even if you were born a day before.
    Honestly, I don't know why I'm writing but I spend a few hours looking at your videos (not just sex), I read interviews, I looked at stories... Neither do I know that I did all that, but you tested me interesting. Your book, at least I also liked what you read in that tv show because I could not buy it from here.
    Really believe you're an artist, and so I keep hoping that you understand this sentiment that drives you to communicate without knowing the reason. Perhaps it only sought to say "Hello". Perhaps I felt lonely and boring. Or maby, would that you know that today sunday, at 23:00 pm, from the other side of the world, someone who looks out his window, someone who think in a different language from yours and someone that never would have your courage to do some things, are thinking about you and wants, deeply, to read all this you laugh loudly, but that you also Know that you has come further from what you imagined. AdiĆ³s lindo!
    If you have time, tell me if you laugth or not... this is my adrees mail

  2. So, this is probably gonna sound weird, but I didn't even know who you were up until about a week ago. I saw the "Women Watch Porn With Porn Stars" on Buzzfeed's YouTube channel and saw you and instantly fell head over heels. Lol. I've seen every video of you (porn and non-porn) I could get my hands on, a copy of your book is currently being shipped to my house and I have finally allowed myself to admit that I've developed a hardcore crush on a complete stranger. S

    Now, my question to you is, does that happen to you very often? Do little fangirls recognize you on the street and run over to meet you? Do they try to touch you and flirt and catch your attention? If so, how do you react to it? Do you smile and go along with it or do you try to avoid those types of encounters all together? I'd love to hear more about you and your day-to-day experiences with fans and fellow porn stars. Call it morbid curiosity.

    So, maybe let me know?

    Sidenote: If you don't take anything else from my nonsensical ramblings, I hope to at least say "thanks" for showing me that it is actually still possible for someone to get my heart racing even though I'd given up hope long ago. Thank you.

    Love You Lots,