Monday, February 13, 2017

#WYLDEFIRE Hot Sauce Valentine's Day Collector's Box

 I'm very happy to announce the limited edition #WYLDEFIRE Hot Sauce Valentine's Day Collectors Box, available only at

Designed by Luka Fisher and photographed by Sydney Mills.  

Looking to spice up your Valentines Day? Wyldefire Hot Sauce is bound to make you and your lover hot with passion. 

Food is like relationships. When it's bland and boring, you need to spice things up. So why not call on Pornstar-turned-DJ, Danny Wylde, to bring the heat!?!

Thanks to his recent collaboration with the Rogue Chef Royce Burke (Chimney Coffee), you can spread Danny's #Wyldefire all over your basic-ass tacos and bland sausages. 

Though, on a special occasion, like Valentine's Day, you need more than just some hot sauce to bring the heat. You need the Wyldefire limited edition Valentine's Day Collector's Box!

Each silk-lined box comes with a sexy, candid polaroid of DJ Danny Wylde, shot by artist, Luka Fisher.

The Wyldefire Valentine's Day Collector's Box is strictly limited to 8 editions. 1 per household.


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