Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Podcast... and PornHub Nation?

I recently appeared on the Susie Bright podcast, In Bed with Susie Bright. I'd never met Susie before, but I was familiar with her work as a feminist author and journalist. We'd both been published in The Feminist P*rn Book.

If you own The Feminist P*rn Book, or happen to pick it up after reading this, you should read Susie's essay, "The Birth of the Blue Movie Critic." It's a great piece of radical p*rn history."

Anyway, the episode of Susie's podcast, on which I'm featured, premiered yesterday. I have to say that she was an absolute pleasure to speak with. The conversation is also, perhaps, unusually interesting because of Susie's knowledge of sex work and adult industry politics, and ability to place such topics in a greater context.

So please, if you will, have a listen to the latest episode of In Bed with Susie Bright - Body to Job: The Most Brilliant Avant Garde Writer in Town is a P*rn Star Who Nearly Lost His Penis - But Never His Soul. "Susie talks to Christopher Zeischegg, aka Danny Wylde. He's a former p*rn performer and musician, and an extraordinary writer. His book Body to Job looks at his career from amateur model to finding his feet after p*rn."

Next up, PornHub Nation. What the fuck is that?

Some of you may have heard me, or some other p*rn folk, talk a lot of shit about PornHub. Because they completely destroyed the old model of business for the adult industry.

In the wake of the collapse, things have become more complicated; nuanced. It is actually possible for performers to now monetize their amateur (or professional) content through PornHub. I happen to manage a few of my friends' PH accounts. So is PornHub good now? Are they a necessary evil? Am I growing increasingly ambivalent in my "old" age? I can at least say, "Yes," to that last question. 

Regardless of how I feel or may have felt in the past, PornHub Nation is a thing I'm pretty into. My girlfriend, Maggie West (you may recognize her absolutely stunning photography from the internet), teamed up with the artist, Ryder Ripps, and PornHub to create a huge immersive art installation, set to open in Los Angeles on July 14th. It features a lot of p*rn stars, but is otherwise pretty PG-13. Think about it like an art theme part for adults, but with dick jokes.

Tickets are on sale now. You can reserve your spot at the PornHub Nation website

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