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Trolling, Faggots, and Donny Long

Trolling, Faggots, and Donny Long

Trolling (from Wikipedia):

"In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[2] In addition to the offending poster, the noun troll can also refer to the provocative message itself, as in "that was an excellent troll you posted". While the term troll and its associated action trolling are primarily associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels highly subjective, with trolling being used to describe intentionally provocative actions outside of an online context. For example, recent media accounts have used the term troll to describe 'a person who defaces internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families.'[3][4]"

Faggot (from

"1. a bundle of sticks or twigs, esp when bound together and used as fuel"

I posted a blog several months ago in response to the October 2010 adult industry HIV “outbreak” (the word outbreak is used loosely due to the fact that only one performer contracted the virus – most likely outside of the industry). Within the piece, I addressed the issue of rampant homophobia in straight porn.

The root of such bigotry appears to come from the well-documented statistic that men who have sex with men are at higher risk for contracting HIV than practicing heterosexuals. That, and the lack of a universal testing protocol in gay porn.

In short, many straight porn companies don't want to hire male performers who have done gay porn. And many girls don't want to work with crossover male talent. The fear might not even be HIV itself, but the fact that any association with gay porn can cost someone a lot of work.

For example, two directors recently asked me to stop doing “bi” scenes so that I wouldn't pose a casting problem with some of the bigger name girls. I've only done one “bi” scene in the past year (unless you count “cuckolding” scenes in which the “husband” will suck me off for about 15 seconds at a time). Straight porn is my bread and butter. So if I look at my job in the strictest financial terms, it may be wise for me to play it one-hundred-percent hetero.

But in all honesty, I don't often think about it. Confrontations with overt homophobia are not a part of my daily life. People don't run around straight porn sets yelling out, “Faggot!” There just happens to be a guy on the Internet who likes to type it a lot.

Meet Donny Long (aka Donald Carlos Seoane): convicted felon, ex-performer, and notorious Internet porn troll. Word on the street is he came out from Florida in the mid-2000's, tried his hand at porn, and then ran back east when it didn't work out.

I have to rely on hearsay because the man obviously didn't make much of a name for himself. That is until he started invading the XXX Twitter feed with rants about which male performers are faggots, which girls are faggot-lovers, and which agents are Jews and/or faggots.

Most Twitter-savvy performers took it in stride, and quickly hit the “block/spam” button. But Donny Long just set up new Twitter handles and did it all over again.

Then he came up with Porn Wiki Leaks, a site dedicated to spreading more gossip about faggots, whores, and Jews in the porn industry. Long wrote this on his own blog: “The gays that work in untested gay porn that have spread HIV in the straight business countless times and ruined porn are now under attack by this Porn Wiki Leaks website and I don’t feel bad for them one bit... The straight porn business has changed a lot and not for the better and hopefully one day it will get cleaned up and get the scumbags and gays out for good.”

While it should be clear – to anyone with common sense – that Donny Long is not doing a public service, but rather perpetuating hate speech in the manner one might be accustomed to seeing on juvenile message boards, he has elevated his attacks to something a little bit more dangerous.

As of now, the legal names of many performers are available on the Porn Wiki Leaks website. For example, my entry reads: “Danny Wylde born Real Name Christopher Daniel Zeischegg is a pornographic whore, and Hooker.” It then goes on to chastise me for being a faggot, amongst other things, and depict pictures of someone who sort-of resembles me getting fucked in the ass.

It appears Long is unaware that I've shared my legal name on numerous occasions. In fact, you can find it on the first entry of my blog. He must also be in the dark about the stories I've shared wherein sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass are explicitly mentioned.

But I've made a conscious decision to share such information because I don't ever want to be “outed.” If someone doesn't like who I am or what I represent, that's fine. But no one can ever say, “I didn't know.” A quick Google search will give anyone enough information about me to form an opinion.

This may not true for most other performers.

The reasons people get into porn are as varied as the people themselves. And no one can claim it's a small decision to make.

Doing porn - especially performing in it - comes with a stigma. Families can be torn apart, friends can break ties, and jobs can be lost all because someone decides to fuck on camera. So understand - it's not just for fun that most every performer uses a stage name. Privacy is still an issue for those who've spread their legs in several thousand photos.

And while anyone who chooses to expose themselves in the public sphere should expect a certain loss of privacy, and a healthy dose of criticism, the choice to protect one's legal identity should remain intact. It's not just an issue of stigma. It's about safety.

Porn fans are by and large normal people. But the mentally unstable do watch smut. And they are capable of forming unhealthy fantasies. They are also capable of carrying out those fantasies in the real world. If such a person were to find the legal name of a performer and track that person down, there is very real cause for alarm.

I've never had anything terrible happen to me, but I was willing to move at a moment's notice when I learned that a fan had discovered my physical address. Because I am very uncomfortable with people knowing where I live – especially those who hold obsessive fantasies. I'm sure most anyone can relate. You don't have to be a porn star to understand the need for personal safety.

So when I learned that Donny Long had begun posting the real names of pornographic performers, I believed he had crossed a line. He was no longer just offending people. He was putting them in danger.

But the Porn Wiki Leak assault has not ended. This is the newest stunt from Donny Long (from The Daily Beast):

“A website known as Porn Wiki Leaks has published a database with the HIV status of current and former adult-industry performers, possibly from a health clinic. Earlier this year, Porn Wiki Leaks published the real names and addresses of 15,000 current and former porn stars, which reportedly came from the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, which also performs tests for sexually transmitted diseases.”

Before the pitchforks are raised at Adult Industry Medical, one should know that all performers who test at an AIM facility do sign a release waiver so that their records can be shared with industry directors and talent agencies. The reason for this is to fully disclose the HIV and other STI statuses of performers in order to curb the spread of such infections. It's part of the system, and it's proved very effective.

Donny Long and Porn Wiki Leaks have used this information for an ulterior purpose: to cause people distress. There is no other discernible motive. This is not the original Wiki Leaks that demanded transparency of government agencies. It's just a way to get people riled up. Donny Long is a troll and Porn Wiki Leaks is his means of execution.

So the question is, “What should we do about it?”

The tactic taken so far has been to continuously report Donny Long's Twitter handles for spam, construct a website that documents his criminal record, and some other small efforts which basically amount to ignoring him.

Some friends of mine have brought it to my attention that Porn Wiki Leaks can be reported to Domains by Proxy if it fits either of these criteria: “A domain name using our service infringes upon a trademark or is engaged in cybersquatting,” or, “The website of a domain name using our service contains content that infringes upon a trademark or copyright, is defamatory, or morally objectionable.” If anyone would like to do so, please fill this form out at

But to me, following official action when it comes to Internet trouble-makers is a bit ineffective, and frankly, way too boring. Call me immature, but I find the antics of websites like to be quite amusing.

Taken from The Art of Trolling: Inside a 4chan Smear Campaign:

“4chan's /b/ message board is ground zero for Internet mischief. Some of their most famous pranks include sending Justin Bieber to North Korea, flooding YouTube with porn and getting's founder, Christopher Poole, voted Time's most influential person.”

Typically such pranks serve no purpose other than to provide entertainment for the members of the anonymous imageboard. But occasionally their antics take on a social/political stance, such as "Operation Holy Diver," the threat issued on the Westboro Baptist Church.

To me, Donny Long and Porn Wiki Leaks seems like the perfect target for such a campaign. Perhaps nothing will come of it, but I urge anyone from /b/ and the rest of the anonymous Internet community to check out the following websites, dig up as much information as possible, and do your worst:

Because if you want to fuck with porn whores, you should be prepared to be treated like one.


Danny Wylde, Faggot


You can find Porn Wiki King, Alex Beltane's Twitter account here:


  1. Well, he wins the "I'm a giant fucking douche who's pissed I didn't make it in porn so I'm gonna shit on everyone else and in general be a little bitch" award! What a fucker. He's almost as bad as Shelley Lubben, but more fucking annoying. AND dangerous. I hope /b/ takes him down. :)

  2. I'm awaiting the tour dates for the Porn Is Evil 2011 tour, featuring Donny Long & Shelley Lubben.

  3. Just searched wikipedia for a few top stars. Black,Belle,Kane, & Texas , while their birthdays are listed their real names are not shown. And for good reason. I'm concern this asshole is treating their privacy, safety & employment opportunities.

  4. Danny, great blog and thankfully an adult has with good ideas has chosen to post on this issue. Please remember the when you link a quote on the "CDC" website as a 100% gospel "fact" know that the "CDC" is a political organization and will make up any "fact" to get funding.

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

    To azirish-

    Good point. But I've never heard of any HIV research that suggested otherwise. I'm aware that the data has nothing to do with being inherently gay or straight, but rather prevalent sexual practice. Let's just be honest: reciprocal anal sex with fluid exchange doesn't often happen in heterosexual intercourse. It's more likely to occur if you're a gay man.

    The problem with straight porn homophobia is that it doesn't address other risk factors, or safety nets put in place by pornography in general. Crossover performers are singled out as the only risk group for HIV contraction.

  6. Just came across your blog after attending the Rough Sex 3 DVD release in NYC a few weeks back. Fun night. Love your work, and now, your writing! It's so great to see this well-argued defense of queer porn, especially since I've only seen you in straight porn. I also just read the post about the fan relationship dilemma--very thoughtful. Keep it up!

  7. Danny, are you serious? You are a smart guy with very good problem solving skills. Lets be honest, anal sex is anal sex. It doesn't matter if the anal sex is male/male or male/female etc. CDC studies are weighted to gain funding for certain groups. This isn't specific to gay men or anyone. This is done for political interests not a scientific one. How can you sell "gays" are evil then to associate them with a "gay" disease. Studies are done simply to "justify" funding for more "studies". The CDC is a political entity as much as the "tea party" and "" is. Results and studies mean nothing in the real world, the "results" are already known in advance. HIV research is done not for public interests, but for CDC funding. Remember the CDC's "bird flu" scare? Remember the CDC warning about "anthrax"? You are right on target about "straight" porn (how can lesbians be straight!) singling out performs such as yourself and other as being the only "risk" one in the industry. This is simply done to not "threaten" the "straight" porn base, if that makes sense.

  8. Look. I understand. I'm not fighting you. You can just as easily give HIV to a woman as you can to a man. The point I'm making is that while it's very easy to give a woman HIV through anal sex, it's very hard for a straight man to get it through heterosexual intercourse (anal or vaginal). So it's more difficult to spread through the heterosexual community on the basis of sexual exchange.

    Now there are obviously other risk factors (intravenous drug use, prostitution, etc...). And a lot of "straight" men practice homosexual sex. So the argument quickly falls apart.

    But you're gonna tell me that all HIV studies are rigged and that there was never an AIDS crisis in the gay community? Give me a break. It's not a gay disease. Obviously. But if you practice unsafe RECIPROCAL anal sex WITH FLUID EXCHANGE there is a higher chance of HIV contraction. True PRACTICING heterosexuals do not do this. Because a women can't fuck a guy in the ass and release semen. There's still a chance you can pass it, but it's much less likely.

  9. Why Danny, because someone with financial and personal interests tells you this? I'm not debating the validity of HIV, it does exist but you need to examine the reasons behind certain "groups" being blamed for this.

  10. If you think I'm blaming gay men for HIV, you completely misunderstand me. I said it's a well-documented statistic that gay men are at higher risk for HIV contraction than practicing heterosexuals. And it is.

    Show me any data that suggests anal sex as a lower risk activity for HIV contraction than vaginal, oral, or any other sexual practice (other than perhaps blood play). This is not just information from the CDC. Anal sex often results in micro-tears and abrasions. Therefore, whatever is passed through semen can be more readily absorbed into the blood stream.

    Not all gay men even have anal sex. But a lot of them do. And a lot of them switch back and forth between top and bottom. So it's easier for someone like this to contract the virus and then pass it on then it is for someone who is only a top or only a bottom. So it is more likely within this community to contract HIV than it is in the straight community. Right?

    Even when heterosexuals switch roles, the girl is gonna use a strap-on or something. So unless her blood is all over the dildo, she's not gonna be passing a virus on to the guy. There is a smaller chance of contracting the virus through vaginal or even oral sex. But it is soooo miniscule that it should hardly be mentioned.

    This is common sense. Not gay bashing.

    The CDC is not the only organization that conducts HIV research. So yes, you're right. I get this information elsewhere. But unless youre saying just because this information is funded by government agencies it's false? Well, where is the other data?

  11. Your a nice guy, and to get me to respond to a porn blog means something. I don't wish to fight you..I really hope you are really successful. I think you will be, you are a fighter which any industry needs.

  12. All good, azirish. I don't think we're really on opposing sides here.


  13. You know, I didn't know anything about you or your blog but I saw the news reports on porn wiki leaks, did some google searches and discovered your blog. I have read a lot of other blogs both gay and straight and I have to commend you for being the most articulate that I have ever read! What a combination, a hot man with brains! I found a couple of grainy videos with you online but haven't searched to hard yet. I think you have found a new fan here so I will have to look around to find some of your bi/gay vids! Come on, hot guy like you needs to take care of your gay fans as well. Anyway, nice to find your blog and I will definitely be looking for more of your work!!

  14. Hey chgogreg,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    The most recent bi video of me is a devil's film release, titled, "Husbands Teaching Wives to Suck Cock."

    But this kind of explains why I don't do too much bi/gay content.

  15. No Danny we aren't. You are really brave being in industry that you are, to stand up to the "status quo". You don't back down and don't make apologies..good work!

  16. Okay. Well, fair enough. I guess arguing more isn't going to accomplish anything.

    Thanks for reading :)

  17. Not your personal army

  18. If the above comment is from a member of 4chan, I guess my only comeback would be that this is not just personal. It effects a lot of people. You obviously don't have to do anything. But how much porn does anonymous consume? Taking down PWL helps the same people /b/ jerks off to.