Friday, November 11, 2011

Select Photos from the "Girl in the Dirt" Music Video Shoot

Below are some select images from the music video shoot of Children's "Girl in the Dirt." The photos are taken by photographer, Joshua Argyle.

Lily LaBeau in early stages of makeup.

Lily LaBeau and our amazing makeup artist, Heather Galipo.

My co-director, Juanito Blanco.

Juanito Blanco giving me some direction.

Lily LaBeau going upside down.

The new crucifixion.

The cheery side of Danny Wylde.

Lily LaBeau is a sneaky photographer.

Chad Alva looking young and dreamy.

Killer cinematographer, Alex Dillon, and friends.

She lost her arms.


No peeking.

Why we are Children.

Killing my religion.

Everything you see here is real.

I wish this lighting followed me around.

Dream team.

This will soon be a parking lot.

A real human being, and a real hero.



Even Children stay in tune.

I love this girl.

Band practice.

Fisher Price is Kvlt.

It's not as bad when she's spraying you with blood.

There's a lack of balance.




  1. I just saw these photos for the first time with captions!
    GREAT images !