Friday, March 1, 2013

Instagram Photo Dump March 1st

1. I found this at Lauren WK's apartment. A fun little wind-up blowjobbing toy. She collects such things.

 2. Because I am not from LA and I am in an LA metal band, I've been trying to go to more LA metal shows. This is a band called Harassor.

3. This is Lily LaBeau not talking to me on Facebook.

4. This is Lily LaBeau taking pictures of me instead of talking to me on Facebook.

5. Instead of talking on Facebook, we decide to take flattering portraits.

6. Cindy Gallop suggested that I read more books written by women. First, I tried "Zombie" by Joyce Carol Oates. I did not like it. Then I read this, which was wonderful.

7. I think I took this picture while waiting for girls to shower so that we could all leave and go some place.

8. These are the cables that connect some of Chad's gear. Too many cables. We keep adding more of them.

9. Something else I read recently. A concept not often explored. But I guess I can't be into everyone's writing.

10. Went paint-balling with some friends. First time since I was, like, 12. Feel free to post this on your shitty geocities NRA website...

11. After paintballing, we went out for pizza and beer. I am not allowed to have either. Because I am allergic to wheat, corn, and soy. Just realized there's a baby corn on my salad. I wonder if that counts?

12. Luka Fisher took this at our doom metal show. It's very dark because our projector wasn't working and we almost got booted by the sound guy for taking so long to set up.

13. Lily invited me to go out with her dance school friends to see someone named Emile Sande. I guess Chapstick was sponsoring the event so we got these glowing sticks that said "Chapstick." Everyone on stage had to keep saying stuff about chapstick. It was supposed to be cool because the audience could #hashtag it.

14. I went to one of Luka Fisher's art shows. He's signing a print for me.

15. Two Luka Fisher prints I now own. Yum.

16. Suppppeeer Cute.

17. That queer porn star, Quinn Cassidy, posted this on the internet.

18. "I'm at the gym, bro!"

19. "I'm playing video games, bro!" Fucking Kingdoms of Amalur. Fucking fuck everything that isn't an RPG.

20. Some super happy, dirty dude from Pina.

21. Terribly cropped promo photo for Chiildren that we didn't use... except to promote our show last night. Kimberly Kane snapped this one. Chad looks fierce, bro!

22. It is my dream to be Eric Northman when I grow up.

23. I used to be straightXedge. But someone invited me to this weed party. Then I asked the guy at this liquor store if I could take a picture of myself in the security camera TV thing. And I took, like, 5 minutes to figure out how I wanted to frame it. Then it turned out like this. Which is terrible. So #dontdodrugs, right?

24. Keeping the original caption. "LOL." Oh, but this is from a recent shoot. I'm a mean doctor.

25. Mike Quasar TOTALLY agrees with my politics. "I wore my 2nd Ayn Rand shirt today because I heard you were going to be on set." "Can I take a picture of it?" "Yes, share it with all your liberal friends." Pose.

26. Paris Kennedy wears a better shirt. CHIILDRENNNNNNNNNNN

The End


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