Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Instagram Photo Dump March 26th

I've been slacking on the writing and updates. Because I've been focusing on a new CHIILDREN music video. We wrapped production yesterday. So I'm hoping to have it out before the end of April. 

In the meantime, enjoy some Instragram photos. 

This is a picture of wieners.

Remember that movie where Ian Somerhalder makes out with James Van Der Beek? Then remember how fucking terrible he became afterwards. Here's a reminder. 

Some light reading. Because I enjoyed The Witcher 2. 

This is some of that hot Inside Flesh shit. Projected on the wall. 

On the set of some Digital Playground movie. I think I'm listening to Stoya get banged in the other room. #jealous

Afterwards, I stopped for some gas and found a new friend.

Youth Code house show. 

Modeling that Game of Thrones tote bag. 

Bought these shoes so an actor wouldn't fuck up his feet. 

This is the actor. His name is Guy Perry. He's amazing. (On the set of our music video shoot).

Harmony Korine and the ATL Twins right before a screening of Spring Breakers. Best movie of the year. Any year. 

Super meta post-Spring-Breakers-Downtown-LA-Warehouse-Rave-Shot-In-The-Dark.

Ben Hoffman taking a break from shooting CHIILDREN.

Heather Galipo being cute, working hard, making some gross makeup stuff. 

An evil parking meter near McArthur Park. No less evil than the rest. 

Chad snapped this photo of me on set. Whimsical. 

This is what I looked like when the cops rolled up - guns drawn. Someone spotted our guerilla shoot and called 911. Reported a rape/possible murder. Police actually let us keep filming. Don't usually send positive vibes to the police. But thank you, officers. 

Day 2 on set. Mariah and Chad paintin' sigils. We made our own out of a variety of shit we saw online. Because we were scared to actually summon a demon. 

He was being a bitch so we cut his leg off...

...then tweeted about it.

Nah. Chad's fucking cool. His wound is gross though. 

Guy Perry and Lily LaBeau. On set.

Wrapped. I'm "a little bit" happy.

And of course, Mariah wins with the best picture of the night. 


  1. The last picture is definately the all time best, but the shoots from My Gods are incredible.

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